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Which Female Friendship On TV Are You And Your Bestie Most Like?

"Sisters, have you heard, are doin' it for themselves."

Like most people, I usually start watching a show because of the plot. But, what makes me stick with it episode after episode isn't the story, but the relationship between the characters. Sometimes it's a romance and other times it's a friendship — more specifically, a female friendship.


So, we want to know, which TV gal pals are your favorite and why?


Maybe you can't get enough of the work camaraderie between the girls of The Bold Type...


...or maybe you love the familial connection between Loreali and Rory from Gilmore Girls.

The WB

Or perhaps, like the girls from Insecure, they're just super relatable and will make you text your bestie, "OMG, this is so us!"


Whomever they are we want to know! Tell us your favorite TV female friendships and why you love them in the DropBox below, and you may just be included in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!