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Which TV Couples Had The Worst Chemistry?

Robin and Ted were the worst and I will not let it go.

Characters with amazing onscreen chemistry can easily make a good TV show great, and there have been some pretty amazing examples over the years.


But, on the other hand, TV couples with terrible chemistry can ruin a show entirely.


So, tell me, which TV couple has the worst onscreen chemistry of all-time?

Caleb and Spencer on "Pretty Little Liars"

Were Jon Snow and Daenerys the one true pairing or the one true problem of Game of Thrones?


I'm not saying I stopped watching The Walking Dead when Rick and Michonne got together...but I'm not not saying that.

Gene Page / AMC

And let's just say if there was an actual award for worst TV chemistry ever, Robin and Ted from How I Met Your Mother would probably win.


Who do you think had the worst onscreen chemistry in a TV show and why? Tell us in the comments and your response may be featured in a BuzzFeed post or video!