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Which TV Couples Had The Worst Chemistry?

Robin and Ted were the worst and I will not let it go.

Characters with amazing onscreen chemistry can easily make a good TV show great, and there have been some pretty amazing examples over the years.

But, on the other hand, TV couples with terrible chemistry can ruin a show entirely.

So, tell me, which TV couple has the worst onscreen chemistry of all-time?

Caleb and Spencer on "Pretty Little Liars"

Were Jon Snow and Daenerys the one true pairing or the one true problem of Game of Thrones?

I'm not saying I stopped watching The Walking Dead when Rick and Michonne got together...but I'm not not saying that.

And let's just say if there was an actual award for worst TV chemistry ever, Robin and Ted from How I Met Your Mother would probably win.

Who do you think had the worst onscreen chemistry in a TV show and why? Tell us in the comments and your response may be featured in a BuzzFeed post or video!