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    25 "P.S. I Still Love You" Tweets That Any On Who's Already Seen The Movie Will Appreciate

    "Still no closure for Lara Jean’s scrunchie Peter gave to Gen...."

    🚨🚨Warning: Major spoilers ahead!🚨🚨


    Me throughout the whole of #ToAlltheBoys2 deciding whether I want Lara Jean to end up with Peter Kavinsky or John Ambrose


    okay but that scene where john ambrose tells lara jean that she was the reason behind why everyone called him “john ambrose” whilst he was playing the piano #PSIStillLoveYou #ToAllTheBoys


    Peter when Lara Jean comes up to him with the picture of him & Gen #PSIStillLoveYou


    Everyone's mooning about their Peter Kavinsky and I'm just wondering how long it will take me to become Stormy. #ToAlltheBoys2


    live footage of peter copying the poem from edgar allan poe to give to lara jean #ToAllTheBoys2


    the way peter comforted lara jean after their fight when he hugged her and said “let’s never fight again,ok?” this scene is too soft 🥺❤️ #ToAlltheBoys2


    Me wondering where Josh is when he's literally Lara Jean's neighbor #ToAlltheBoys2 #ToAllTheBoysPSIStillLoveYou


    me seeing John Ambrose (@Jordan_Fisher) walk into belleview for the first time:


    #PSIStillLoveYou me when Lara Jean ended up choosing Peter even though i read the book and knew she was gonna choose Peter #TEAMJOHN


    maybe someday we’ll meet again, and you’ll never know i felt any of this. but, i’ll know. i’ll always know that was once upon a time, my heart was yours. #TeamJohn #PSIStillLoveYou


    chris, jen, trevor and lara jean when peter says ‘no, no i think i can help my girlfriend clean up’ in that tone to john ambrose #PSIStillLoveYou


    peter kavinsky really went from "you gonna break my heart, covey?" to "break my heart. break my heart into a thousand pieces. do whatever you want with it." that boy is WHIPPED WHIPPED and I WANT ONE WHERE DO I GET A PETER #ToAlltheBoys2


    when peter came back for lara jean because it was snowing #ToAlltheBoys2


    lara jean: do you want the necklace back? peter: #ToAlltheBoys2



    #PSIStillLoveYou the way lara jean described still being tethered to jen despite the way jen treated her


    seeing lara jean’s face after kissing john ambrose, realizing she’s about to run back to peter #TeamJohn #psistillloveyou


    You're telling me after Lara Jean finds out Peter has been lying to her the entire duration of their relationship and concealing who released a pseudo sex tape of her she STILL didn't choose John Ambrose McClaren? #ToAlltheBoys2

    Aris / BrosNYC / BACKGRID


    the jellyfish in their tank watching peter take off lara jean’s necklace #ToAlltheBoys2


    Still no closure for Lara Jean’s scrunchie Peter gave to Gen.... #ToAlltheBoys2


    lara jean when john ambrose walked in to bellview #ToAllTheBoysPSIStillLoveYou


    he returned the necklace at the end #toalltheboys2


    #PSIStillLoveYou i can’t believe they made John Ambrose seem like the bad guy chun-li and they also made it seem like Lara Jean was cheating in the movie when in the book Peter was the one going behind her back to be Gen’s lil diary UGH #TEAMJOHN


    Me watching Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky be all cute knowing i’ll be alone on Valentine’s Day 🤣#ToAlltheBoys2


    just found out peter kavinsky isn’t real and is just a fictional character #ToAlltheBoys2

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