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    We Need To Talk About Lara Jean And Gen's Friendship In "P.S. I Still Love You"

    I want "jung" with someone.

    🚨Alert: Major spoilers ahead!!!🚨

    Genevieve, aka Gen, is introduced in the first To All the Boys movie as Peter's girlfriend (soon to be ex) and Lara Jean's frenemy.


    She's also Chris's cousin, but that's neither here nor there.

    Gen spends most of the movie antagonizing Lara Jean (Scrunchiegate!) and undermining her relationship with Peter. Lara Jean admits that she's "totally afraid of her" but does her best not to let Gen get to her.


    Gen is also extremely manipulative, and she starts a fight between Peter and Lara Jean that eventually leads to their breakup.


    But they get back together!

    Then, in the sequel, P.S. I Still Love You, she's back to her old tricks, consistently reminding Lara Jean that she dated Peter first. Lara Jean even explains, "For every first I was having with [Peter], he'd already had his with [Gen]."


    Ultimately, the photo of Gen and Peter looking cozy together that Chris shows Lara Jean is the straw that breaks the camel's back.


    Lara Jean breaks up with Peter for always choosing Gen over her. (And finding out that Peter was actually waiting for Gen in the hot tub all those months ago — instead of her, as she thought — definitely didn't help.)


    After the breakup, Lara Jean needs some clarity, and she sends a mysterious text to someone asking them to meet her at the treehouse. Since she's in the middle of a love triangle, I thought it would be Peter K. or John Ambrose who comes to meet her, and was shocked to see Gen.


    While clutching their old friendship bracelet, Lara Jean tells Gen that part of the reason she and Peter broke up "was because when he was with me, I always thought he was thinking about you. ... I was convinced that he was never really gonna get over you."


    Then she hits Gen (and all of us) with a truth bomb:


    For the first time in two movies, we see a little of Gen's heart. First, she tells Lara Jean that Peter adores her, which she didn't have to do if she wanted to keep a rift between them. Second, she opens up about her parents' divorce, reminding us that though she acts tough, she's still a teenager going through difficult things.


    Finally, she reveals that — though she'd previously lied about not putting anything in the time capsule — she put her friendship bracelet in, too, just like Lara Jean did, proving that she really did care about Lara Jean.


    Before the two part ways, Lara Jean explains her relationship with Gen as the Korean word "jung":


    "If I want to move forward, I have to stop blaming Peter for having it with her, too," she says to herself.

    Fans couldn't get enough of the treehouse scene between the two of them.

    that gen and lara jean scene in the tree house #PSIStillLoveYou

    They said it made them more emotional than any other part of the movie.

    Just watched #ToAllTheBoys2 and honestly I cried more over this scene with Lara Jean/Gen than I did over anything else. Love love loved that they made it a point to address this relationship.

    i'm going to need people to stop pining after {that rejected boy} from p.s. i still love you & start mourning the loss of a lara jean/genevieve relationship

    And they acknowledged that talking out their problems was the mature thing to do.

    Gen and Lara Jean did the grown up thing and talked that shit out. We stan #ToAlltheBoys2

    More importantly, they pointed out that the two former friends finally got the closure they needed.

    i’m kinda sad they didn’t include the assasin game but what they did in the movie was still the closure genevieve and lara jean deserved ❤️ #ToAlltheBoys2

    appreciation post to gen as well!! 🥺 im just so glad that lara jean & gen was able to reconcile and talk about their friendship huhuhu so so cute. ✨😩 #ToAllTheBoys2 #PSIStillLoveYou

    Though some people were still rightfully pessimistic about the whole thing (Gen never apologized for her behavior, after all)...

    #PSIStillLoveYou the way lara jean described still being tethered to jen despite the way jen treated her

    ...I think most of us can agree that this was one of the most important scenes in the movie. Instead of opening up to Peter K. or John Ambrose, Lara Jean chose to be honest with Gen, and herself. By putting aside their insecurities and acknowledging the love they once shared for each other — although different from what each of them had with Peter K., it's messy and complicated all the same — they were both able to move on.


    We'll have to wait until the final movie to see if the two can become real friends again, but I think it's safe to say that Gen's villainous days are over.