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    This Person Re-Created Iconic Disney Couples As Couples From "Riverdale" And It's The Happily Ever After I Didn't Know I Needed

    *Wonders what Pop's would look like as a castle.*

    Most of the time, a Disney re-imagining recreates the princesses in a number of ways, like modern working professionals, retro pin-up models, or noir femme fatales.


    But, this time, Filipino artist André Manguba has flipped the switch and has imagined Riverdale actors as iconic characters from Disney and pop culture.

    The 19-year-old self-taught artist told BuzzFeed, "I like experimenting with art mediums and brainstorming on new ideas...Drawing these characters in a creative way gives excitement to me as a creator."

    Of course, André is a huge Riverdale fan, too. "My favorite character has to be either Veronica or Cheryl," he said. "Because both of them, especially Cheryl, started off on a bad foot but ended up redeeming themselves as the series progressed."

    A lot of the cast has seen André's drawings online and have even shared a few on their various social media accounts, to which he said, "I’m still fanboying really hard and am very grateful."

    But, of course, drawing the cast of Riverdale isn't all he does. He uses all of pop culture as inspiration, creating everything from this reimagining of Rihanna as It's Pennywise, to basic celebrity portraits, and more. He's even branching out into food art!

    "For me, creating these drawings is one of my stepping stones to become more artistically versatile and eventually find my own identity as an artist."

    To see more of André's work, you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter @heyheyandre_art!