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    "The Hating Game" Trailer Just Came Out, And It's The Steamy Rom-Com To Keep You Warm This Winter

    It's a thin line between love and hate.

    There is nothing — and I do mean NOTHING — that we hopeless romantics love more than an enemies-to-lovers romance. N.O.T.H.I.N.G.


    Well, this week, we enemies-to-lovers lovers received the ultimate gift, just in time for the holidays: our first trailer for the highly anticipated book-turned-movie The Hating Game! Check out the trailer:

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    The movie is based on the bestselling book of the same name by Sally Thorne and is the ultimate unlikely love story.

    The book cover featuring a man adjusting his tie and a woman in a short dress in the background
    William Morrow

    You see, Lucy (played by Lucy Hale — no, really, the character is also named Lucy) is trying her best to get ahead in her career. There's just one problem: Her coworker Joshua (Austin Stowell) is the absolute worst.

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    And after it's announced that the company they work for will be promoting someone to "managerial director," the gloves come off completely.

    Lucy aggressively holding a fork
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    I don't know how either of them is even in the running for that promotion when they spend all their time trying to one-up each other with how mean, annoying, and distracting they can be. Like, when are they even working?? I digress.

    Like, things get ~physical~.*

    Lucy has Joshua in a chokehold
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    *Love this foreshadowing 👀.

    You can imagine that the above Fight Club scene got them a stern talking-to from HR.

    Two coworkers staring at them as they fight as the woman eats her lunch
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    Tag yourself — I'm the woman who's unbothered and still eating her lunch.

    However, things take an unexpected (and steamy) turn after Lucy has a rather ~sexy~ dream starring Joshua, and she realizes her hate for the man may be coming from a place of genuine attraction.

    Lucy lying on her stomach and resting on her elbows in bed
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    After all, it's a thin (and sexy) line between love and hate.

    Y'all — the banter! The looks! The! Clear! And! Present! Longing! Sign us the heck up!!!

    Lucy and Joshua in an elevator, with him saying "But I'm incapable of giving you that pleasure," and her saying, "Well, that's not the first time you've said that to a woman, is it?"
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    And yes, he does call her Shortcake (screams internally and externally very loudly)!!! But will we get other fave book moments? Will we see a green* bedroom? Her Smurf collection? The paintball scene? Only time will tell!

    "The job is mine, Shortcake"
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    *I know Lucy Hale doesn't have blue eyes — which Sally Thorne has already commented on in a previous IG story, saying, "If I don't care and I WROTE the book, then you should relax too! It's going to be FINE! I PROMISE!" — but maybe Josh will have a green bedroom to match her green eyes??

    Fans are ready!!

    OMG THE HATING GAME TRAILER!?!?!? i think it lowkey looks really good!! and him calling her shortcake?!? I DIED!!!!!!

    Twitter: @ViciousxLoren

    *wheezes rom com-ily* the hating game trailer i am unDONE

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    my two moods as i watched the hating game trailer

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    The hating game trailer: Josh: “Shortcake” Me: AHHHHHSJDBKD

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    So there you have it! Will these two mortal enemies overcome their differences in the name of love (and also hate)? Find out when The Hating Game hits theaters and VOD on Dec. 10!

    Joshua and Lucy wearing coats outdoors and looking at each other
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    Or you can always cheat and pick up the book literally anytime!