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The Creator Of "Teen Wolf" Regrets Killing Off A Character That Totally Had It Coming

But, like, why?

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She and Derek started dating after he saved her from getting trapped in the school basement.


And it was really sweet because Derek had been through so much and you just wanted to see him happy, and you thought to yourself, "Aww, he finally met a nice girl. He deserves this!"

But then you freaked the fuck out all over the place when she turned out to actually be this, and you swore vengeance on series creator, Jeff Davis, for shattering your dreams and Derek's poor heart.


That's right. Sweet, innocent Jennifer turned out to be the season 3 villain, the Darach AKA the maniac who went around Beacon Hills sacrificing teenagers for some power boost ritual. Ultimately, Peter Hale "handled the situation" and, IMO, she got what she deserved.

But at this year's Comic-Con, Davis told BuzzFeed that if he could bring one character back to life, it would be her:

"That's easy. Jennifer. I freely admit it was a mistake to kill her off. Also, because Hayley [Webb] is such a good person and she's one of those people you want to bring back to set because you enjoy having her there. Such good energy!"