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    Here's What Book You Should Read Based On The Tarot Card You Choose

    The Death card may not be what you'd expect...

    1. Circe by Madeline Miller / The Witch

    Back Bay Books, Linzi Silverman / Via Ulysses Press

    Book: Circe by Madeline Miller

    Circe was one of the original witches, with her origins rooted in Greek Mythology. In this beautifully written novel, we get to know this goddess who never quite fit in with her godly peers, but rather preferred to listen to her own voice. Circe possesses powers of transformation and alchemy and isn’t afraid to be who she is, despite others asking her to conform. She knows that true magic comes from the freedom within, the ability to coexist with our wild self, and the refusal to let others limit us.

    Card: The Witch

    The Witch (traditionally The Magician) is all about alchemy. It is the ability to tap into all of your resources and connections, that internal magic and the one that the universe offers. The Witch is surrounded by the elements represented by the major arcana: the wand (fire), the cup (water), the sword (air), and the pentacle (earth). She calls down intuition and grounds into her power, and allows it to flow back out. This is the card of ‘as above, so below,’ a duality in self-finding union.

    2. Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler / Revolution

    Grand Central Publishing, Linzi Silverman / Via Ulysses Press

    The book: Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler

    In the near future, society has entered into dystopian reality. There are gated communities, groups of drug-fueled arsonists run wild, food scarcity is rampant, and people claim, “It’s always been bad, it’s not that bad, what can you do?” The protagonist, Lauren Olamina, can’t believe that to be true. She also suffers from hyper-empathy, a condition that makes her feel both the emotional and physical feelings of those around her. She feels called to something more, believing there is a better life for her and other people suffering under a society where capitalism led back to serfdom. Lauren sets out into the world to find a new home where she can rebuild, as well as share the gospel of the Earthseed and our destiny to live in the stars.

    The card: Revolution

    Revolution (traditionally The Tower) is all about existing in the chaos, letting things burn to be built again. Sometimes the only way out is through. This is the energy of the phoenix. A quote from the amazing author herself, Octavia Butler: “In order to rise / From its own ashes / A phoenix First / Must / Burn.” Revolution is where things are no longer working, no matter what we have done. The path has led to this point. We are faced with a choice — do you want to flow with the release the universe is forcing, or fight it? Here we can find our voice again and let the world know change is imminent.

    3. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig / Awakening

    William Morrow & Company, Linzi Silverman / Via Ulysses Press

    Book: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig

    Father and son explore quiet countrysides on the back of a motorcycle in mid-century America. As they ride, Pirsig ponders how we live the human experience and how we can live it better. Throughout the real-life accounts of this roadtrip taken over a sleepy summer, he explores what it means to battle our demons, to appreciate the simple things, to take care of ourselves, as well as what inspires creative endeavors and expressions. This book is a meditation, a practice on mindfulness and not just where we expect it, but how to live a life fully, and the struggle to achieve that.

    Card: Awakening

    Awakening (traditionally Judgement) is a card about waking up from a part of ourself that has closed off from the world. It is an opportunity to get out of our own head, and listen to a higher power, even if that higher power is a different version of yourself. Awakening comes when it is time to shed the things that have weighed you down in the past, to tap into a more authentic self without judgement, and to move towards where you are meant to be. Awakening is understanding that the path isn’t linear, but we are always allotted the ability to participate when we are ready.

    4. Oona Out of Order by Margarita Montimore / Death

    Flatiron Books, Linzi Silverman / Via Ulysses Press

    Book: Oona Out of Order by Margarita Montimore

    Set just before midnight on New Year’s 1982, Oona is about to turn 19, and as the clock turns, she finds herself waking up in a body she doesn’t recognize with someone letting her know not to worry, this has happened before. She is aged to 51 and he has some news — apparently, every year she wakes up at a random age of her life. While she leaves herself some hints and clues of what’s to come, Oona often has to navigate with a sense of intuition, whimsy, and confusion. Living life out of order is not without its heartbreak. Knowing certain things are going to happen and wondering if you can change your fate, can you be present and live life if you are held by the same confines of those living a linear life?

    Card: Death

    The Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot has themes of death throughout, with the idea that death isn’t something scary, but a natural part of the cycle of life — birth, death, rebirth. Endings become beginnings — space cleared to offer understanding. When we release ourselves from the fear of the unknown, what freedom can we allow ourselves? In this card, you will notice the dandelions. In their living states, they are weeds to most, but in their death state, we breathe our wishes upon them and send them out into the world. If you didn’t have to worry about death, how would you live your life?

    5. Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer / The Empress

    Milkweed Editions, Linzi Silverman / Via Ulysses Press

    Book: Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

    Beautiful, epic, and informative, Braiding Sweetgrass is an example of what happens when you don’t limit or choose your passions, but instead incorporate them all and find the magical thread that connects them. Part plant science, part poetry, part indigenous culture education and understanding, and part being a human on planet earth, this book combines these perspectives where the mystical meets historical and the cross-section between them. Fall in love with the earth, her plants and animals, and understand how we can live with them better. Where we can appreciate them not just for what they offer us, but what we can offer them.

    Card: The Empress

    The Empress is about the abundance and fertility that the earth offers, and by extension, what we can offer the world. The Empress is where you can be the mountain from which all things flow. Allow yourself to grow into your power, unafraid of being discerning as what serves you, serves all. Your ability to share your gifts can benefit the world around you. Don’t be afraid to shine and enjoy these gifts and harvest.

    6. The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury / The Star

    Simon & Schuster, Linzi Silverman / Via Ulysses Press

    Book: The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

    Told in small journal entries and vignettes, readers get to hear about the experience of humans as they begin to colonize the red planet. These little glimpses into the lives of people as they build a new civilization on this star range from dismal, to inspiring, sweet, and sometimes kind of creepy. Starting with only a few, populations grow and the slice of life tales offer us a mirror for our values and expectations. This book was originally published in 1950 and stands the test of time for how humans behave when faced with the unknown.

    Card: The Star

    The Star card comes after Revolution, where we have burned it all down to rebuild. The star is where we have a rebirth, where we connect to a spiritual part of ourselves. It is where we let our gifts and healing flow, not just to ourselves, but to our communities as well. It is about finding balance on sometimes unsteady terrain. The Star is often an exposed person, raw to the elements, and standing as truly themselves to be seen, allowing themselves to shine bright and be the guiding post for others along the way.

    7. Klara and The Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro / Meditation

    Knopf Publishing Group, Linzi Silverman / Via Ulysses Press

    Book: Klara and The Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro

    Klara is an AF, Artificial Friend — a humanoid machine who sits on the shelf of a shop every day hoping that someone will come in and take her home. She watches as people walk by and browse, but worries she may never be chosen. In the near future, her purpose, along with other AF, is nothing more than to be a friend, but not an equal to those who select them. We are with Klara as she explores and tries to understand the world and those around her.

    Card: Meditation

    Meditation (traditionally The Hanged Man) is a card where we are limited or bound in some way. There is often the sensation of being stuck when this card appears. But when we pull Meditation, it is to remind us that sometimes we have to release the need for fight or flight, and to simply be; to visit that internal world where we connect to the heart and the higher self and can gain understanding about the situation, where the only thing we can control is yourself.

    8. The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett / The Moon

    Riverhead Books, Linzi Silverman / Via Ulysses Press

    Book: The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett

    At age 16, the identical Vignes twins run away from their small, southern Black community. As they get older, their lives veer on completely different paths. One lives in their once hometown with her daughter, the other lives a life where she is white passing and even her husband doesn’t know her true ethnicity. The story continues exploring their lives and how certain decisions can drastically affect the way our lives turn out.

    Card: The Moon

    The Moon card is about the duality of self, the light and the dark, the wild/primal and the domestic/tame. When the Moon presents, we are often in a place of uncertainty, where hurts lie, and we must cross a threshold, choose a path, to find our light again. We must embrace the fullness of who we are, unable to pick and choose the parts we want. The Moon is a reflection of the most hidden aspects of self, revealing them back and forcing us into the shadow work.

    9. Dark Matter by Blake Crouch / Strength

    Ballantine Books, Linzi Silverman / Via Ulysses Press

    Book: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

    While walking home one night, Jason Dessen’s whole reality changes. Just before he is knocked unconscious and abducted, he is asked, “Are you happy?” only to wake up strapped to a gurney, surrounded by strangers in hazmat suits welcoming him back. From there, he realizes he is no longer in his world; his wife, his son, his job — none of it exists. He begins to wonder if the other is a dream and what is real anymore. He is determined to find out.

    Card: Strength

    The Strength card in tarot isn’t about physical strength, but rather that inner strength, the emotional and spiritual one. This is a card where we have to count on ourselves and be in that relationship of trust. Connect to intuition and let it guide your actions, to call in abundance and truth, and to manifest the life that is already yours.

    10. Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens / Introspection

    G.P. Putnam's Sons, Linzi Silverman / Via Ulysses Press

    Book: Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

    For most of her life, Kya Clark was deemed unfit for society, rumored to haunt the marsh of a small fishing village. Yet in real life, she has an amazing way of living life, and an appreciation and understanding of the natural world around her. She has lived in isolation for a long time, but feeling called for something more, is drawn to two men in her town who can’t help but be drawn back. As a questionable death unfolds and Kya is eyed, this novel explores how isolation influences us and what it means to belong.

    Card: Introspection

    Introspection (traditionally The Hermit) is about walking alone in the darkness of night. It is journeying through the unknown to connect to a spiritual part of ourselves, that guiding lantern through the abyss that brings us to a new dawn. We don’t know where the journey ends, only able to see our feet as they take one step as a time. It is often here that we are in isolation, only with our minds and intuitions to guide us. Build trust in yourself.

    11. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown / Potential

    Hazelden Publishing & Educational Services, Linzi SIlverman / Via Ulysses Press

    Book: The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown

    Brené Brown is an expert on vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame. In this book, she shares 10 guide posts for Wholehearted living, a place where we can find our worthiness. The subtitle is Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are. When we live life, we often have narratives projected on to us, truths that are not our own, and some that are. As we learn to accept the truth of who we are today, a wholeness without judgement, we can live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

    Card: Potential

    Potential (traditionally The Fool) is the first card in the Tarot system. If the tarot is a story, this is the beginning where anything is possible. We aren’t bogged down by our worries — our worries if we are not enough, if we fail, if we put ourselves out there and are not received. Potential has the sun shining upon our goddess as she appears to walk almost off the cliff. When this card presents, instead of wondering about the fall, focus on your ability to fly. The potential of all that you are, were, and can be. You are always able to grow, the journey of your past self having brought you here. Embrace yourself, you beautiful human, and the journey ahead will be full of magic.

    12. Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes / The Sun

    Simon & Schuster, Linzi Silverman / Via Ulysses Press

    Book: Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

    Famed writer, producer, and creator Shonda Rhimes shares a year of her life where she committed to saying yes to everything. In her life, she was feeling limited and frustrated, despite her immense success. Through this candid memoir, she reflects on patterns through her life and the ways in which she shows up for herself and others. By shifting how she engages with herself and the world, a whole new life unfolds. Find out the power of yes, and also the power of no, in this hilarious and real account of what happens when we push ourselves outside our comfort zones.

    Card: The Sun

    The Sun is all about culling out the light and radiance within to share with the world. Traditionally a joyful card, one of innocence and play, the Sun comes to remind you to not be afraid, to be authentically yourself, and to never dim those beams that emanate. The Sun is about connecting to our highest chakra, the crown, treating yourself like the divine being you are and trusting the universe has a spot waiting just for you when you are ready. When the Sun arrives in your life, take a moment to let yourself simply bask in it, where there's nothing to do but be.

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