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    11 Facts Celebs Revealed On Late Night Shows This Week

    Viral photos, double dating, Us, and more.


    1. Antoni from Queer Eye cleared the air on that Kate Beckinsale/Pete Davidson photo.

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    On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Antoni Porowski cleared the air on the viral photo of him sitting next to a kissing Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson. He said, "I just want to say, i just want to finally clarify. There were two hockey players going at it, beating the hell out of each other and I was genuinely concerned. [Kate and I] chatted the entire game. She's very funny, witty, charming...why do we get remembered for things that have nothing to do with us?"

    2. Jordan Peele revealed his inspiration for his film Us.

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    On Late Night with Seth Meyers, Jordan Peele revealed, "I've been terrified of the idea of doppelgängers since I was a kid...I always had this vision of, like, seeing myself across the subway platform. And just kind of thought, like, what if you saw yourself and then, like, if that's not creepy enough, what know, the other you smiled at you? And this idea of, like, all right what's that about? The idea of a doppelgänger family I thought was, like, okay. And then my imagination went crazy and out came this film."

    3. Norman Reedus talked about his daughter with Diane Kruger.

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    On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Norman talked about his baby daughter, saying that he's "wrapped around her finger." He continued, "It's great. It's really beautiful. She's super- I mean, she just laughs at everything. Everything's hysterical. I had her [above my head]...and, you know, I'm making her fly and just drool, right in my eyeball. I've seen it all."

    4. Priyanka Chopra talked about the possibility of she and Nick double dating with Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus.

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    On Watch What Happens Live, Priyanka admitted, "We actually talked about that — doing a double date at some point. I've met Miley just a couple of times, but she's amazing. She showed so much support to Liam and the movie while we were doing promo and Liam was unwell...And I hope that'll happen. I love Liam. He's a great guy. So, I'm sure it'll be a fun group to go out with."

    5. Armie Hammer talked about his friendship with Timothée Chalamet.

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    After explaining a photo of himself and Timothée on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Armie elaborated on their friendship, saying, "I mean, the movie wrapped, like, six years ago, let's be honest. But yeah, we still do [hang out]. Yeah, we exchanged FaceTime calls today, actually." He also addressed the rumors of a Call Me By Your Name sequel and a possible role as Batman.

    6. Cole Sprouse remembered Luke Perry.

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    On Busy Tonight, talked about the recent death of his costar Luke Perry, saying, "I mean, we were very close to him. In the 26 years I've been doing this, he is a person I have never heard a single bad thing said about, which is an incredible impressive thing the longer you're in this." He continued, "He had this way of speaking where he would just get close to your face, which, you thought it would put your guard up, but it let your guard down. And he was so passionate in the way he spoke that everything he talked about, every topic he jumped to, was just this beautiful, impassioned thing that he had to say about it. We're all going to miss him a lot..."

    7. Amy Schumer talked about her difficult pregnancy.

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    On Late Night with Seth Meyers, Amy Schumer talked about filming, directing, producing, and starring in her Netflix special while she was pregnant. She said, "I was pretty terrified in thinking...'cause you have no control over your body, you know? It's just, like, 'Hope I don't throw up all day and have to be in the hospital! And I did tape two shows in Chicago — I threw up in between a lot. But, no, it's just, like, my body kind of held out."

    8. Aidy Bryant talked about fan reactions to her new show Shrill.

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    On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Aidy revealed that the response to her show Shrill has been "so overwhelming." She continued, "I thought I was making, like, this little show for, you know, a little group of ladies. And it's really kind of blown me away. People are sending the sweetest messages and feeling so inspired. So, that's the best. I mean, yesterday a lady stopped me, crying, on the street. And I was, like, 'Oh, we're having a moment on Sixth Avenue...' It was the nicest thing ever."

    9. Haley Lu Richardson revealed how she proposed to fiancé Brett Dier.

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    On Busy Tonight, the Five Feet Apart star shared how she became engaged to Jane the Virgin actor Brett Dier. She said, "I asked him to marry me. I just...asked. Neither of us are crazy romantic people, so nothing was planned. He was sitting there eating a pizza and he was telling me a joke that Shia LaBeouf had said in an interview — he was, like, pretending to be Shia LaBeouf in the interview, explaining this joke — and, for some reason, I just cut him off and was, like, 'Wanna marry me?' But, yeah, we're engaged now."

    10. Julia Louis-Dreyfus talked about the challenges of not acting like her Veep character.

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    On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Julia Louis-Dreyfus admitted that "it is kind of" challenging to get out of character sometimes. She continued, "We use really, intensely foul language on Veep. There's a lot of swearing. And I've gotten quite used to that, you know? I mean, there are words that are, sort of, shocking words that used to shock me a great deal. I don't mean like your standard fare. I mean, like, the really bad ones that I won't even say in this room. But I've gotten very used to using that language and I have to check myself, because most people aren't used to that, right?" Julia then went on to provide a colorful example, lol.

    11. Ilana Glazer talked about the end of Broad City.

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    On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Broad City co-creator and actor Ilana Glazer described the show's ending as "bittersweet." "Abbi and I thought that this was the right time to end it, but we were wrong," she joked. "And, it is," she continued. "I guess the right time is hard. You know, it's heavy. It's so many things. Like, I'm 31. I've been doing this since I was 21. Like, it's been a third of my life. 'Have I ever not been on Broad City?' You know, it's just crazy."

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