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SZA Lost All Five Of The Grammys She Was Nominated For, So People Are Furious And Confused

SZA was the most nominated female artist of 2018, with a total of five Grammy nominations, but she didn't win a single award.

Let's cut to the chase. This is SZA.

She was the most nominated female artist of the year, with a total of five Grammy nominations, including Best New Artist.

However, despite multiple nominations, SZA walked away from the Grammys empty-handed and people had A LOT of feelings about it.

SZA, the MOST nominated woman at the Grammys, did not win a single Grammy.

Basically, they were furious.

Wait a mother fucking minute. Grammys nominated SZA in 5 fucking categories, and didn’t give not a single got damn…

Let me find out SZA brought three whole generations of her family out only to get shut out of five Grammys smh

Y’all....I can’t believe SZA is going home empty-handed. CTRL was one of the best albums of 2017. This whole night…

Fans were particularly surprised that she didn't win Best New Artist.

sza had five nominations and didn't win a single grammy. she at LEAST deserved best new artist. this is a travesty and that's that on that

Instead, that award went to Alessia Cara, whose first album, Know-It-All, was released in 2015.

Me trying to figure out how Alessia Cara won Best New Artist over SZA when her debut album came out in 2015.…

People were also quick to recognize what they said was a pattern of black female artists going unrecognized at the Grammys.


At last year's ceremony, Beyoncé was nominated for nine awards, though she walked away with only two wins — one for Best Music Video for "Formation" and another for Best Urban Contemporary Album for Lemonade.

Beyoncé was also nominated for the night's highest honor, Album of the Year, which went to Adele's 25.

People weren't enthused about the decision at the time, with many wondering what it would take for a black woman musician to take home that award, especially considering how universally lauded Lemonade was.

The conversation was similar for Rihanna, as well. She, too, walked home empty-handed last year despite being nominated for seven awards.

Hopefully, SZA got one of those consolation puppies.