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I Just Realized That Lin-Manuel Miranda Is A Secret Super-Fan And Omg It's So Pure

*great job*

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Now, obviously you know Lin-Manuel Miranda, the super talented, adorable genius who created Hamilton and is just ONE LETTER AWAY from becoming the youngest EGOT winner. Yeah, that guy.

Anyway, if you're a fan of his, you may have noticed that he tends to do this like, half-wave half-air punch thing.

@Lin_Manuel greatjob on the million followers πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ #1MillionGifs

If you missed this somehow (which I totally did at first guys, so I'm not judging), let me enlighten you as to what the hell is happening β€” he's honking an imaginary *great job* car horn.

So, right now you're probably like, "WTF is an imaginary *great job* car horn?" Well, buckle up and LET ME TELL YOU.

In December of 2015 during the 280th episode of their podcast, the McElroy brothers prepared to answer one fan's question: "What is the best way to tell someone they're driving the wrong way on a one-way street?"

After sharing various horror stories, they proposed an emoji system that would let drivers know when they were in the wrong. Fortunately, the emoji idea evolved into a definitive 3-car-horn system, including a distinct sound for each of the following: a danger horn (for regular traffic purposes), a sound horn (to be part of the "road conversation"), and a "great job" horn (to let people know when they do a kick-ass job at parallel parking and other such things).


The brothers β€” Justin, Travis, and Griffin β€” are usually in awe of the depths LMM will go to for a *great job* horn.

A FOURTH?! I'm worried that @Lin_Manuel doesn't even know he's doing it! He's more #GREATJOB than man now...


I cannot BELIEVE the man just did a #GreatJob horn on SNL

Now, this isn't the first time that Lin's cleverly referenced the McElroys. He paid homage to them IN A LYRIC IN HAMILTON, and then thanked them in his 2016 Tony's speech.

I worked a very #MBMBAM-ian "Unless...UNLESS..." homage into my new musical yesterday, @JustinMcElroy @travismcelroy @griffinmcelroy


But in this case, he's gone so far as to get other celebrities involved, such as RuPaul:

Facebook: video.php

Even Hillary Clinton is in on it:

Can we get back to politics, please? (Great job, @HamiltonMusical.) #Grammys

So if you ever see him doing an adorably awkward wave or posting something like this...

Home from #Gram4Ham. *greatjob* Good night!