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How Well Can You "Set It Up"?

Let's play matchmaker!

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In case you haven't looked in the mirror lately, this is you! You're Harper, a 25-year-old ambitious millennial who's trying to achieve her dreams of becoming a kickass sports journalist in New York City. You currently work as an assistant for your idol, but it turns out she's a nightmare of a boss. What are you going to do?!?!

After pulling yet another late night at the office for your boss Kirsten, you meet Charlie. He works at a finance office a few floors up, and wouldn't you know it? He ALSO has a nightmare boss. That's when you get an💡 idea💡!

The two of you decide to set them up! Using respective knowledge of Charlie's boss, Rick, and Kirsten, you're going to send them on perfect dates, have them say all the right things, and *fingers crossed* fall in love. If they're focused on each other then they won't be focused on you, and for the first time in months, you might actually have a weekend off!

You've got 10 seconds to remember as much information as you can about Kirsten and Rick, and then you've got to SET THEM UP!

And don't even think about cheating since none of these facts are from the movie!