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    Ryan Seacrest Fell Out Of His Chair On Live TV And It's The Funniest Thing To Happen In 2020

    Lesson learned: Let the ball drop instead of diving for it.

    Ryan Seacrest fell out of his chair on live TV during a segment on Live With Kelly and Ryan this morning and I've been laughing for 20 minutes straight.

    First fumble of the new season. Hope I make the playoffs....

    Let's break this down, shall we?

    1. Ryan tries to catch a balloon.


    2. The balloon hits him in the face while another bonks him from behind.


    3. But, he will NOT be deterred and dives for the golden balloon.


    4. Notice, he places his hand on Kelly's chair to steady himself so HE KNOWS THE RISK.


    5. But, he was no match for gravity. Notice how the chair begins to tip.


    6. His foot is fully in the air at this point!


    7. Now, this is a two-part fall. First, he falls out of the chair and then he falls over it!!


    ^Would highly recommend going back and watching this part with sound.

    8. Kelly to the rescue! She hops out of her seat to lead with an assist.


    9. Both Kelly and a crew member rush to Ryan's aid!


    Also, notice the HEIGHT on these chairs. That was no small fall.


    10. Ryan's up and at 'em once again and has retrieved the much-coveted balloon!! There are no small victories, folks.


    (Kelly looks very unconvinced that he's okay, lmaoo.)

    Afterward, when Kelly joked that he was actually very badly hurt and just didn't feel it because of the adrenaline, Ryan said, "No, no, I feel great actually!" SURE, RYAN, SURE.

    Looks like 2021 is your year, @RyanSeacrest 🤣💀

    "I saw your leg...your leg did something very strange," Kelly went on.

    Let the memes begin!

    me: i cant wait to catch all the opportunities 2020 will throw my way. also me: * is @RyanSeacrest *

    (Seriously though, we're glad he's okay!)

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