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    "Pretty Little Liars" Just Updated Fans On Aria And Ezra's Relationship

    A book and a baby, oh my!

    ICYMI, the Pretty Little Liars spinoff, PLL: The Perfectionists recently premiered and it is GOOD.


    And though Alison and Mona are the only characters from the original series to be featured on the spinoff, the show has kindly given us updates on some of our fave liars.

    First, fans learned that Alison is living in Beacon Heights alone because her marriage with Emily is on the rocks.


    During the season finale of PLL, Alison and Emily were happily married and adjusting to life as parents to twins. But, in The Perfectionists pilot, Alison told Mona that the were having trust issues, saying, "We are and then we're not [happy]. Always comes back to trust."

    Then, last week's episode revealed that Toby and Spencer eloped, and that Hannah and Caleb had a baby.


    Well the show's Instagram just shared "leaked messages from Alison's phone" between Ali and Aria and it's the Ezria update I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR!

    First of all, Aria and Ezra are still married and just had a baby!

    They named her Katherine Ella after Aria's mom!

    In the PLL series finale, Aria discovered that she couldn't have children. But, she told her friends that she and Ezra would look into adoption after their honeymoon.


    It was also revealed that Aria wrote a best-selling novel titled Park Avenue.

    And it's being made into a movie created by Reese Witherspoon!



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