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15 Of The Funniest Jokes From Chris Rock And Steve Martin's Oscars Monologue

They went IN on Jeff Bezos.

In lieu of a host, Steve Martin and Chris Rock performed the opening monologue at this year's Oscars.

Here are their funniest jokes:

1. First, they joked about delivering the monologue, even though they aren't this year's official hosts:

2. And Chris blamed the lack of host on Twitter, not-so-subtly calling out the Kevin Hart fiasco:

3. Steve mentioned 2017's La La Land / Moonlight Best Picture debacle and shared there's a new foolproof system so that doesn't happen again:

4. Steve noted the resemblance between him and Brad Pitt and everyone laughed — which is RUDE if you ask me, LOL:

5. And Chris used Mahershala Ali to make this funny-but-true joke about Oscars clout:

6. Jeff Bezos was there, and they made not one...

7. ...not two...

8. ...not three...

9. ...but FOUR jokes at his expense:

10. They called out the Best Director category snubbing women:

11. And also noted the lack of black nominees...

12. ...twice:

13. Chris made a weird joke about Ford v. Ferrari:

14. And they ended the night once again joking about how, despite doing the opening monologue, they were absolutely, definitely, 100% NOT the hosts. Ya know, lest you forget: