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    Updated on Jul 13, 2018. Posted on Jul 12, 2018

    A Bunch Of People Thought That Amy Schumer Was Pregnant And She Shut Down Rumors In The Funniest Way

    "Thank you for thinking of my womb."

    With *cough* certain peoples' *cough* recent (shocking) engagements, I've been on high alert waiting to see which celeb was gonna drop some crazy news next.


    So, when I saw that Amy Schumer posted this pic on Instagram, I immediately thought she was the next celeb to announce big news, aka that she was pregnant!

    And I wasn't the only person. TONS of her fans showered her with congratulations.

    I mean, just look at this pose! Her hands are placed pretty ~strategically~ after all.

    And then she shared this cute photo with her husband!!

    And let's not forget the way she casually dropped the bomb that she had gotten married!

    PLUS the caption was "cookin' something up," as in BUN IN THE OVEN!!

    Now, yes, it's true that the person she tagged in her caption is her stylist Leesa Evans and not her husband. But! She's a comedian! She could be making a joke! Or, trying to throw us off the scent??? IDK, man.

    The Hollywood Reporter

    Well, before you start sending her boxes of formula and diapers, I should tell you that Amy Schumer is NOT actually pregnant.

    Comedy Central

    After sparking rumors, the comedian shared a second post to clarify, saying, "I am not pregnant," before taking a sip of a drink that may (or may not! I'm not a wizard!) contain alcohol.

    She says, "I am not pregnant. I am not pregnant. I'm sorry my friend said that my hands looked like I was pointing to a bump or something, but I'm not."

    She continues, "Leesa Evans and I have created a clothing line for all sizes and shapes and at a chill price point. That's what I was trying to allude to. But, thank you for thinking of my womb."

    BuzzFeed confirmed that this was not a pregnancy reveal.

    So, Amy Schumer is not pregnant, but she is making a clothing line. There you have it!


    Did you think Amy was pregnant? Tell us in the comments!

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