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People Of New York, What's The Worst Date You've Ever Been On In The City?

Time to put Carrie Bradshaw's stories to shame.

Last time I checked, a ton of people live in New York City.

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And I'd bet a pretty penny that, ya know, some of those people have gone on dates.

me trying to make a meaningful connection in the New York City dating scene


But, since there are still a ton of single people in NYC, not all of those dates have worked out. In fact, I'd guess that some have been actual nightmares.

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You know, the dates so bad that you text your friends to call you with a fake excuse to escape.


Like, did you think you were on a fun, creatively planned date that turned out to just be you accompanying them on errands?

Or ones that are so horribly bizarre, you stay just to have the story.


Like, they took their shoes off at the restaurant and it went downhill from there?

Well, now's your chance to tell that story! People of New York, we want to know: What's the worst or weirdest date you've ever been on?

i met up with one of my favorite old coworkers last night and he asked me how dating has been going for me in new york. in the city of new york. in new york city. in the five boroughs that comprise new york city.

Tell us in the comments, and your response may be featured in a BuzzFeed post or video.