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    9 New Books For You To Add To Your Reading List

    So many books, so little time.

    Hello, book lovers! Each week, dozens and dozens of new releases hit the shelves. Below are some of the reads BuzzFeed Books writers and contributors loved the most:

    1. Lost In The Never Woods by Aiden Thomas

    2. Your Heart, My Sky by Margarita Engle

    3. Flamefall by Rosaria Munda

    4. My Friend Natalia by Laura Lindstedt, trans. David Hackston

    5. I Am Tired of Being a Dandelion by Zane Frederick

    6. How to Love the World by James Crews

    7. Meet Me in Paradise by Libby Hubscher

    8. The Vines by Shelley Nolden

    9. The Unbroken by C.L. Clark

    For more new-release recommendations from this month, click here, or catch up on all of our weekly favorites on Bookshop. What's the best book you read this week? Tell us in the comments!