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    4 New Books You Need To Add To Your Reading List

    With a fresh list on Tuesdays.

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    Hello, book lovers! Each week, dozens and dozens of new releases hit the shelves. Below are some of the reads BuzzFeed Books writers and contributors loved the most:

    1. A Certain Hunger by Chelsea G. Summers

    Unnamed Press

    A Certain Hunger cuts right to the chase: We meet our ice-cold narrator, food critic Dorothy Daniels, as she flirts with a stranger at a bar, and by the end of the short first chapter, she has murdered him with an ice pick to the neck. It’s a bloody scene described in precise, evocative detail, recounted with a complete lack of feeling. In this way, author Chelsea G. Summers sets the tone for the novel as a whole — you know what you’re in for (well, almost...) and you’re excited to get there. Dorothy’s story, which she’s writing from prison, is a hedonistic journey that begins as soon as she sets out on her own for college and quickly realizes she’s different from her peers — and, she suspects, much better than them. What follows is a morbid, witty, and wholly incomparable account of sex and food and other indulgences, marred by just one regret: getting caught. —Arianna Rebolini

    2. The Mermaid from Jeju by Sumi Hahn

    Alcove Press

    Junja and her family are haenyeo, deep sea divers looking for seafood to trade. But when Junja witnesses her mother drown on a dive that she was meant to take, she’s left heartbroken and abandoned. And as Korea’s political climate grows more tumultuous post-WWII, Junja has to learn to face a rapidly changing world all on her own. —Kirby Beaton

    3. Layla by Colleen Hoover


    In this thrilling paranormal romance, Leeds meets the enigmatic Layla at a wedding, and she turns his lackluster life upside-down. But their whirlwind romance takes an unexpected turn and Leeds begins to see another side to the woman he loves. Hoping to get their relationship back on track, he takes her back to the place where they first met and encounters Willow. While Layla spends her days by the pool, Leeds gets to know Willow, and soon she's the woman he wants to spend all of his time with. But there's more to Willow than meets the eye, too. Trapped in a remote mansion with two women he's in love with, both of whom have secrets, is not the vacation he was hoping for. —Shyla Watson

    4. I’ll Fly Away by Rudy Francisco

    Button Poetry

    Francisco’s poetry collection isn’t one to miss this year. I’ll Fly Away is divided into multiple parts, sprinkled with words that do not currently exist in the English language, but should, setting a thematic tone for the poems that follow. Though many poems are short, they pack a poignant, powerful gut punch of an emotional landing. Intimate, creative, and vulnerable, Francisco reflects on topics of identity, race, police brutality, family, and so much more. It’s a relevant and unflinchingly honest collection of thoughtful poetry. —Farrah Penn

    For more new-release recommendations from this month, click here, or catch up on all of our weekly favorites on Bookshop. What's the best book you read this week? Tell us in the comments!