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    Netflix's "On My Block" Is Ending After Four Seasons

    So long, Freeridge.

    Netflix's hit series On My Block is coming to an end after four seasons.

    The cast of On My Block
    Netflix/Courtesy Everett Collection

    The streaming site announced the news earlier this week with a teaser recapping some of the series' biggest moments.

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    The show — which has been praised for its diverse cast and storylines — has tackled everything from gang violence and PTSD, to treasure hunts and teen romance.

    The cast of On My Block looking pensive
    Kevin Estrada / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    No word yet on when the 10-episode season will premiere, but many fans (including me!) hope that we'll get some closure after that unexpected and jarring Season 3 finale.

    i spent my day watching season 3 of omb FOR THAT. i refuse. there BETTER be a season 4 or i will riot #OnMyBlock

    Twitter: @lightsup_cherry


    After a season of searching for Lil' Ricky, getting involved with the Santos leader, Spooky and Caesar's father returning, Jamal getting a stalker/girlfriend, and much more, the squad lives to fight another day (unlike Cuchillos).

    Characters from On My Block with black hoods covering their heads and two guards in the back watching over them
    Kevin Estrada / Kevin Estrada/Netflix

    But, things don't just go back to normal. In the final scene, Monse waves goodbye to her friends as she leaves Freeridge to go to boarding school. She vows that things won't change...

    Monse looking out the window of the car saying, "If you fight, think of me, in your face, gluing the crew back together"

    ...then we fast-forward two years and see that our beloved fivesome is no more. Ruby and Jasmine are #couplegoals, Jamal is a jock (???), Ceasar is HEAD OF THE FUCKING SANTOS, and Monse has all but forgotten each and every one of them.


    Reader, I was not well.

    Me confronting the writers after watching that #OnMyBlock ending

    Twitter: @donnaprd79

    Obviously, something will bring the gang back together for Season 4, but what will it be? Will Monse and Caesar get back together? Will Spooky's new life with his wife and child (!!) be put at risk? Will they ever find Lil' Ricky?

    Two characters hugging, with one of them pregnant

    I guess only time will tell.

    What are your theories for On My Block's Season 4? Tell me in the comments!

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