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    17 Times People Were Beautifully Extra Watching "Black Panther" This Weekend

    From marriage proposals to buffet dinners.

    ICYMI, Black Panther premiered this weekend and IT 👏 WAS 👏 PHENOMENAL👏! Honestly, I can't even find the words to do it justice.

    Fans have been insanely hyped for this movie, so when it was finally released in theaters, people were amazingly, brilliantly, fabulously extra.

    1. For one thing, the lines were absurd.

    everyone is at the cinema to watch black panther thank god I already got my ticket


    Don’t ever let anyone tell you people don’t want diverse movies. This is the line for ripping tickets. Out of the t…

    3. Couldn't afford multiple tickets? Here's two for the price of one!

    @LiviaLove @TatiannaMonae @Luisag14Luis Another angle of standing in line.

    4. The outfits were hilarious...

    Mans got the full King Jaffe Joffer fit. Suited and booted for “Black Panther.” Help me.


    6. ...and inspiring AF.

    This might be the best #BlackPanther photo ever

    7. *chef's kiss*

    I don't know much about clothes but South Africa showed up. The best #BlackPanther outfits I've seen yet.…

    Twitter: @WysDawm

    8. "Lit as hell" is right.

    It’s lit as hell out here at the Black Panther premier!

    9. I mean, what other movie has its own before, during, and after party!?

    Excited about the #BlackPanther screening? What will you be wearing to watch this epic movie AskAccra #Ylounge on…

    10. YAAASSSSSS 🙌.

    Right after watching #BlackPanther in Bloem 🙌🏾 #BlackPantherMovie

    11. Hungry? What about a custom menu?

    As part of their Black Panther special, Alamo Drafthouse theatre is selling African inspired meals during the movie…

    12. Popcorn is a snack. What about some ribs instead?

    Just saw #BlackPanther and I kid you not... a brotha was in the back of the theater grilling rib tips and selling plates for $10.

    13. Or, you know, a whole buffet dinner works too.

    14. Instead of previews before the film, how about some light drumming?

    Black Panther screenings are lit 😂😂😂 #BlackPanther

    15. Applause with hands? Oh no. Applause with horns!

    Ask me why a dude brought a vuvuzela to the screening and blew it at appropriate times and the whole theatre was in…

    (FYI: This is a vuvuzela.)

    16. Oh, did I forget to mention that there was a freaking MARRIAGE PROPOSAL!?

    So this couple just got engaged in my #BlackPanther viewing! We still had to get our popped corn in order tho... 😬

    17. Honestly, this theatre playing nothing but Black Panther for the foreseeable future is something I can get behind.

    Every. Single. Theater. Is. #BlackPanther 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻