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    Miley Cyrus Snapped A Selfie With Paolo From "The Lizzie McGuire Movie," And 12-Year-Old Me Is Freaking Out

    Sing to me, Paolo!

    The Lizzie McGuire Movie. You know it.


    The 2003 flick is easily one of the best DCOMs ever. (That's Disney Channel Original Movies for those of you who aren't ~in the know~.)

    I remember it like it was yesterday: Lizzie travels to Rome on her 8th grade field trip and immediately captures the attention of international superstar and teen heartthrob, Paolo.


    Younger me was convinced that he and I were meant to be — that is, until this fateful moment when he turned out to be a lying lip-syncher who couldn't sing.


    *Kim Kardashian voice* "Tragic."

    Anywayyyy, Paolo — real name Yani Gellman — was out enjoying dinner this week in LA when two super fans asked for a photo. And, by two fans, I mean Miley and Noah Cyrus.

    After snapping pics, the pair even blessed fans with a little "Dreams Are Made Of" duet.

    📸Instagram Story video of @noahcyrus and @MileyCyrus singing "What Dreams Are Made Of", by @HilaryDuff, from The Li…

    Where's Hil Duff when you need her?!

    Miley and Noah are like:


    While the rest of are like:

    Miley Cyrus and her sister Noah met Paolo, this ISN'T what dreams are made of he's an evil lip syncer y'all stay aw…