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    Author Emily Giffin Shared A Negative Rant About Meghan Markle And Now She's Being Called Out For Racism And Mom-Shaming

    I am so tired.

    Meghan Markle has faced undue criticism and backlash ever since she married Prince Harry two years ago.

    And even though the couple have retired from their royal duties and moved to Los Angeles to live a "normal" life, the criticism continues.

    Just this week, author Emily Giffin came under fire for her comments about the Duchess of Sussex, and boy, oh boy, the whole thing is a mess.

    ICYMI, Meghan shared an adorable video (filmed by Prince Harry) of her reading Duck! Rabbit! to Archie in honor of his first birthday.

    Emily, who is a self-proclaimed "royal watcher," criticized Meghan's video on Instagram. Though she later deleted the post, writer Kaitlin Menza shared screenshots of Emily's comments on Twitter, which soon went viral.

    Man oh man does “Something Borrowed” author Emily Giffin hate Meghan Markle

    In a caption, Emily criticized Meghan for seemingly wanting to be the center of attention and blamed her for Harry's absence from the video. She also called Meghan out for sharing a video of Archie "wearing no pants."

    But it didn't stop there. The 48-year-old also shared a screenshot of a text conversation in which she called Meghan "unmaternal" and a "phony."

    Though she made both her Instagram and Twitter accounts private, Emily faced a ton of backlash for her comments, which many argued were not only hateful and mom-shaming but also racist.

    @ChristinaLauren @heykmenz I have a lot of feelings about this. First and foremost: MOM SHAMING. WTF. They are in their home. When I was a nanny, my baby would roll around with JUST A DIAPER sometimes. FFS, their home is their safe space; who cares that Archie was a toddler rockin a onesie AT HOME

    @heykmenz It's not ok. It's disturbing and harmful. Harry & Meghan using their efforts to promote a children's charity in celebration of Archie's birthday and adult lunatics taking the time to bully. I'm exhausted. 😖

    @WalkerStalker18 @heykmenz And if she'd been filming and not holding Archie it would be "she's forcing them to perform and can't be bothered to hold her own baby" nothing she does will ever be right bc she has the audacity to be black and married to Harry.

    white ppl if you constantly hate on meghan markle and claim you're not racist you're lying to yourself. she's literally just living her life??? the fuck is wrong with people like Emily Giffin

    And many others have called for Emily's publisher to take action.

    One of your author @emilygiffin is a disgusting racist bully. She spends hours harassing and bullying Meghan Markle online. A woman who she doesn't even know personally. She encourages people to spread hateful content about Meghan. These are the person you represent @MacmillanUSA

    Later that day, Emily posted a lengthy apology on Instagram. “I enjoy following celebrities and analyzing them with my readers. I post dozens of IG stories a day in a very honest, unfiltered way, as if I’m confiding directly with close friends," she wrote.

    “Further, I’m very interested in the British monarchy. I always have been. See the link in my bio for an essay I wrote in the days before Meghan and Harry wed.”

    She continued: “To be clear, I absolutely loved that a biracial, American woman was marrying into the Royal Family. It seemed a wonderful, happy thing for everyone. I celebrated their wedding by hosting a gathering here at my home and posting many, many photos. Further, I was appalled by any signs of racism against her.”

    Emily added, “Over recent months my feelings about BOTH Harry and Meghan changed. But I can say from the bottom of my heart that my criticism of Meghan has never had anything to do with her race."

    She concluded: “I can see how some of my posts may have felt mean-spirited, and could be construed as having racial undertones. It was not my intent, but I understand that intent and impact are two very different things. And I am truly sorry for that negative impact.”

    Me when people try to come for Meghan:

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