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Thanos From "Avengers: Infinity War" Is Hot AF

Don't @ me.

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...and, yes, he's hot AF.

Now that most of y’all have seen #InfinityWar can we please discuss how hot Thanos is??? Or is it still “too early”

Sure, some people disagree.

fuck Thanos scrotum lookin’ ass barney on steroids shithead

I mean...this isn't totally wrong.

why Thanos chin look like the back of a Yeezy


Butttttttt, a lot of people see where I'm coming from.


thanos thano than tha th t th thi thic thicc 😩


Thicc Thanos got me kicked out of 3 group chats


This was basically my dream last night.

*I make Thanos a cup of tea and he takes a sip* Thanos: Perfectly balanced... as all things should be. Me: Thanks, Thanos. Thanos: 😘 Me: 😘 *We fuck*



The hilarious thing about Avengers: Infinity War is that aside from the whole killing thing, thicc daddy Thanos is kinda my type.

Would you fuck thicc daddy Thanos or should I delete this immediately?