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    The "Love Is Blind" Cast Reunited And I Think I Can Tell Which Couples Are Still Together Based On The Photo

    Body language is worth a thousand words.

    All you Love is Blind converts out there already know that Thursday is the big wedding finale. Grab your popcorn! Place your bets! It's going to be a SHOW.

    But, you may not have heard the incredible news about the reunion. That's right, folks. Just when you think you're out, they pull you back in!

    The final episode of Love Is Blind premieres tomorrow! But the story doesn't end there... On March 5, all your burning questions will be answered in a can’t-miss reunion special hosted by Vanessa and Nick Lachey

    Now, the show finished filming way back in 2018, so these guys haven't seen each other in a WHILE. Which is all the more juicy, if you ask me.

    Netflix shared the news on Twitter, along with this photo. Being the amateur* sleuth and LIB stan that I am, I zoomed and zoomed in on this pic to try to figure out what in the ham sandwich is going on, aka who's still together?? Reader, body language is worth a trillion words.

    First up, Amber is blonde now. I think it looks good, but TBH, I didn't recognize her at all.

    And we have TOUCHING, people. On the KNEE. She and Barnett seem very comfortable, so I'm guessing they not only got married, but stayed together.

    Now, I don't know where y'all fall re: the Amber/Barnett/Jessica love triangle, but it's good to see that Jessica has...not changed, LOL.

    Look at that smirk! Girl is peanut butter and JEALOUS!!!!

    Sis is clearly not worried about her (I'm assuming) ex-fiancé, who she's sitting ~very~ far away from. There's no way that these two got married. She was in love with Barnett during the entire show and kept trying to convince herself to feel that way about Mark, who tbh, deserves better.

    ANYWAY. Moving on to Kenny and Kelly, who seemed perfectly fine throughout the entire season. I would've guessed that these two made it down the aisle, but they're kinda sitting far apart?? Maybe the chairs just couldn't get any closer, lol. But, they also aren't smiling. Look at those glum mugs! My guess is that they got married, but didn’t stay together. Interesting!

    Now it's time for my ABSOLUTE FAVES. Y'all, I can't tell you how obsessed I am with Cameron and Lauren and this body language is making me feel EXTREMELY hopeful that they not only got married, but STAYED that way. Look at Cameron man-spreading. You only do that when you're comfortable around someone (or like, you're a dick, which we know he is not!). And Lauren is clearly leaning into his side, and he's got his arm quasi around her. LOVE IS REAL!!!!!

    Damian and Giannina seemingly say their vows and get married in that teaser trailer above and they're sitting pretty closely (unlike Kelly and Kenny, so I guess it is possible to have the chairs that close 😬). But, they fought almost the entire show. I feel like they maybe got married, broke up, and got back together, which sounds complicated, but I'm not judging!*

    Finally, we've got Carlton and Diamond. Their breakup happened during the first few eps, so no surprises here. But, for something that happened two years ago, there definitely still seems to be some tension. I feel like they put Mom and Dad (Nick and Vanessa) in between them to referee any drama.

    Welp, there you have it. Let's recap:

    Cameron and Lauren: ✅❤️ (got married, still in love)

    Kelly and Kenny: ✅💔 (got married, broke up)

    Barnett and Amber: ✅❤️ (got married, still in love)

    Mark and Jessica: ❌💔 (didn't get married, not friendly)

    Damian and Giannina: ✅💔❤️ (didn't get married, broke up, back together)

    Carlton and Diamond: ❌💔(didn't get married, not friendly)

    What are your predictions for the LIB couples? Tell me in the comments!