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    27 Tweets About Lauren And Cameron From "Love Is Blind"

    They must be PROTECTED at ALL COSTS!!!

    🚨Warning: Mild spoilers ahead!🚨

    Hello! I am one of the many, many people who has recently become obsessed with Netflix's Love Is Blind.


    For those who don't know, the show follows a bunch of people looking for love who go on "dates" with people without ever seeing them. If they find someone they connect with, they become engaged, meet IRL for the first time, and spend a few days on vacation. Then they take their love out into the real world, where they have to introduce their fiancé to their family and friends, move in with them, etc., all while planning a wedding that'll happen in just four weeks. It's bananas and highly entertaining.

    I'm so hooked at this point, nothing could really tear me away. But if I'm being honest, I'm really only watching for one reason: Lauren and Cameron.


    They were the first couple to say "I love you" and the first ones to get engaged. They don't have drama, their love makes them weepy, their chemistry is potent, they're great on their own (but better together), they're basically an IRL Disney couple.


    I am in love with their love, and I'm not the only one. Here are a bunch of tweets for people who are just as obsessed with Clauren (Lameron? Idk!) as I am:


    Me: Love is Blind sounds like a stupid show the first episode Also Me: If Cameron and Lauren don’t stay together, what is life?!! #LoveisBlind


    Lauren : I love you. Cameron: I love you. Me watching Love is Blind noticing it’s only been 37 minutes into Episode 1:


    Just started Love is Blind today - Cameron & Lauren MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS. #loveisblindnetflix #LoveIsBlind


    me: love is blind is a dumbass show, fuckin cringey and it is garbage entertainment. none of it makes sense and they are all INSANE for claiming they are in love after 4 days. *cameron talks about how much he loves lauren* also me:


    When I saw there were only 3 episodes available of #loveisblindnetflix after I already got obsessed with Cameron/Lauren love? No lie, I thought: “So a show gets me addicted then makes me wait for new episodes only on thursdays? Karma is a b#tch.” @netflix


    Me if I finish Love is Blind and Cameron and Lauren are not still together


    me making sure lauren and cameron get married at the end of love is blind


    Me: Love is Blind sounds like a stupid show, deadass. ...binge watches 5 episode in one sitting. Also Me: If Cameron and Lauren don’t stay together and if Kenny and Kelly even have the slightest of doubts for eachother, I will fight my tv!!! #LoveIsBlind


    love is blind is a hot mess but i would already die for lauren and cameron


    Lauren and Cameron: the next royal wedding to grace our TV screens #LoveIsBlind


    cameron + lauren on love is blind 🥺😢 we stan a man who thinks of his woman as an entrepreneur first


    Cameron talking about Lauren: I want her to have my babies...our babies. Me: #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlindNetflix


    The producers when they saw Cameron and Lauren interact with each other for the first time. #LoveIsBlind


    Cameron telling Lauren he loves her bonnet and telling her she's the dream he's waking up from his dream for is PEAK LOVE and idgaf about all these other couples anymore. Nothing matters but Cameron and Lauren at this point. #LoveIsBlind


    Could we get a #loveisblind spinoff that is just Lauren and Cameron? There has to be hours of footage they haven’t aired. Please? Thank you.


    Cameron is letting Lauren know!!!! This is OUR home. We getting married. We’re moving in this big ass house. You gon have my babies #LoveisBlind


    #LoveIsBlind I’m honestly just watching this show for these two (Lauren and Cameron) The other couples are just fillers 😂


    me: #loveisblind is going to be a waste of everybody's time also me: is this the same patio? is this the same beach? are these the same christmas decorations? i need to know that cameron and lauren are still together?!?!?!


    @shann_i_yam I’m tryna be the officiant.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images


    So let me get this straight, Cameron treats Lauren better than the greatest romance movie, is a scientist and has a six pack. Whew... #LoveIsBlind


    Cameron really bought a house in preparation to have a wife and kids. Was prepared to even turn the guest room into a work studio for Lauren. Like, when he says “I’ll take care of you.” He really means that shit. #LoveIsBlind


    Me trying to figure out who are these other people on the Cameron and Lauren show?? #LoveIsBlind #netflix


    Watching Cameron rap for Lauren’s mom.. love to see it! #LoveIsBlind


    me looking for the reason why lauren would think about saying no to cameron #loveisblindnetflix


    #LoveIsBlind Lmaoooo @ Cameron rapping to Lauren’s mom and Lauren in the back like


    Wait a damn second! Both Cameron & Lauren’s parents are named Pam and Bill? If that’s not another sign that they belong together, I don’t know what is. 💞😍💍💞 #LoveIsBlind #loveisblindnetflix


    Me waiting for Lauren and Cameron’s wedding on Thursday. #LoveIsBlind