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Lady Gaga Lost "Best Actress" To Glenn Close And People Have A Lot Of Mixed Feelings

"Why did you do that, do that, do that, do that, do that to me?" - Lady Gaga to the HFPA, probably

As everyone knows, Lady Gaga was nominated for Best Actress at the Golden Globes for playing Ally in A Star Is Born.

Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

Bradley Cooper was nominated for Best Actor and Best Director, and the film received a nomination for Best Picture and Best Original Song.

Everyone was pretty confident that Gaga was going to take home a Golden Globe...

I can’t wait to see lady gaga win #GoldenGlobes

I can’t wait to watch gaga and bradley win all the golden globes tonight omg

(...and she DID win a Globe for Best Original Song for "Shallow...")

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

...but she lost Best Actress to Glenn Close, who won for her role in The Wife. Obviously, people had feelings.

A Star is Born lost Best Picture to Bohemian Rhapsody, and Bradley Cooper lost Best Actor to Rami Malek.

Everyone: A Star Is Born is going to win everything #GoldenGIobes The HFPA:

A lot of them.

Glenn Close came to get her things! #GoldenGIobes

There can be a hundred people in a room, and sometimes one of them is Glenn Close.

They were upset to say the least.


Lady Gaga’s fans coming for Glenn Close #GoldenGlobes

I did not just waste two hours of my life to watch Lady Gaga get snubbed oh my GOD.

LADY GAGA was robbed!!!!!!! And I’m out.... #GoldenGlobes2019

Truly, there were so many hurt feelings.

I really sat through all these commercials to watch Gaga lose

gaga did not write and perform an entire album of ORIGINAL songs LIVE and bradley cooper did not learn to sing and direct just to lose to this absolute mess this is a DISGRACE

But, on the other hand, people were also ecstatic for Glenn Close and totally thought she should've won.

Glenn Close: "Women. We're nurturers ... But we have to find personal fulfillment. We have to follow our dreams. We have to say: I can do that. And I should be allowed to do that."

I’m sorry to all those thinking Lady GaGa not winning the golden globe for actress is a snub, she was good, and did a damn fine job, BUT Glenn Close is an AMAZING actress and absolutely deserved this win! Quit being sour it’s an ugly look #GoldenGIobes #LadyGaga #GlennClose

gays angry at glenn close for taking gaga's globe should have some respect for trailblazing strong older women!!! ty for coming to my ted talk!!!

lady gaga has decades to prove herself as an amazing actress. glenn close is 71 and she's been snubbed for iconic performances for yeas idc she deserves it sm. if there's anyone to win over gaga and not be mad abt it, it's truly glenn close. this isn't a julia roberts situation

Glenn Close is long overdue for an awards season sweep and you fuckers will absolutely put some RESPECT on her fucking NAME. CRUELLA, NORMA DESMOND, PATTY HEWES!

Either way, both Glenn and Gaga walked away winners tonight, so I'd call that a happy ending.

Lady Gaga congratulating Glenn Close for her win for Best Actress In A Drama. #GoldenGlobes

What do you think? Should Lady Gaga have won Best Actress?

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