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People Are Calling Out Kim Kardashian West After This Photo Of Her Hand Went Viral


So last week, Kim Kardashian West posted a makeup tutorial on her Instagram story. Pretty basic, right?

Well, the caption she wrote while applying lip gloss got people's attention.

she said don’t judge her for her pale hands 😩😂

Now, at the ripe old age of 27, my eyes aren't quite what they used to be. But even I can see that there's a pretty noticeable difference between the shade of makeup on her face and the skin tone of her hand.

Of course, it is VERY POSSIBLE that Kim does, indeed, have pale hands. After all, people aren't going outside as much* as they used to.

However, people on Twitter couldn't help but call her out for the remark anyway.

Love that Kim Kardashian’s new narrative is that she’s brown all over but, her hands are very pale!!

@nazmraz "My pale hand" lady your WHOLE BODY is pale 😆

@nazmraz They really be forgetting they are white 💀


@AmandaNer @nazmraz I see a black queen being choked out by a white woman who is out of frame thats the real issue

@nazmraz Her hand is like 12pm and her face is like 6:55 pm

sorry for being white *

@nazmraz 😂, she’s so in denial of her true skin color 😭

Many claimed the photo was an example of blackfishing, which is something both Kim and other KarJenners have been accused of many times before, as well as cultural appropriation.

@JAYVERSACE She said don’t judge her for blackfishing

@MarcusRebirth @nazmraz She likes being In blackface

@nazmraz Why doesn’t she wear her actual skin color instead of getting shades too dark for her? Questions needs answers

@reeeeee @fluffyakaraa @y0meli @JAYVERSACE Also Kim didn't JUST call herself pale. She's implying her hands are not her true complexion when they are. She's blackfishing which is literally her cosplaying as a black or brown person. People whose culture she has appropriated multiple times and has built a career out of.

That being said, there were also many others who didn't think the pic was a big deal and said that pale hands are simply pale hands.

@MizzOneBadAzz @JAYVERSACE I’m sorry this is not black face this is just called tan😂🤷🏼‍♀️ yeah it doesn’t match her hands but don’t make this what it isn’t

@JAYVERSACE @kingidris_ I think she meant that her hand looks lighter than face e.g her foundation prolly doesn't match her hand. Calm down y'all Everything is not about race

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