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    Kaley Cuoco Defended Herself After People Criticized Her For Wearing A Mask During A Workout

    "I’m protecting myself and everyone around me."

    You know Kaley Cuoco.

    Earlier this week, The Big Bang Theory star shared a video of her "newest obsession during COVID/quarantine" aka "20 mins, a jump rope, and good music."

    But instead of applauding her fancy footwork and jump rope skills, people took to the comments to criticize her for wearing a mask during her workout.

    Take off the mask!!
    Comment reading, "Don't see why you couldn't do that in your own backyard with no mask on. No way would I train in a mask. That's extremely dangerous, never mind setting a very bad example for young girls and boys everywhere."
    Comment reading, "Masks while exercising is ridiculous. All you are doing is breathing in your carbon dioxide. People need to educate themselves and not just go along with mainstream media."

    The comments got so out of hand that Kaley had to reply and defend herself. "For everyone and their mask comments," she wrote, "I wear a mask when I’m in an enclosed space around others, which I was."

    "I also wear a mask when I’m outside around others. I’m protecting myself and everyone around me. That’s why I choose to wear a mask. Thanks for playing."

    Fans supported the star for speaking up.

    Comment reading, "Wearing a mask is not dangerous if you listen to your body. ... She is being a responsible citizen. It's a shame more people can't be!!"
    Comment reading, "If you live in a part of the world where it gets cold, people have been exercising with masks on for decades. ... Let the woman exercise as she sees fit. Clearly it's not restricting her oxygen or she would have to stop."

    They thanked her for "protecting others" and called her a "role model":

    Comment reading, "Thank you for wearing a mask and protecting others as well as yourself. A great example and role model."

    And another person said she was "incredible" and gave her killer workout the props it deserved:

    Comment reading, "I can't believe ppl are commenting on you wearing a mask?!? I was so focused on how incredible you look and what an inspiration you are. Keep being great girl! Haters gonna hate. Straighten ya crown and keep being fabulous."

    Keep crushing it, Kaley!