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The Person Who Runs Wendy's Twitter Deserves A Raise Because These Tweets Are Gold

What's better: their food or their tweets?

1. Wendy's: makes burgers, fries, and savage burns.

2. Like...

3. ...deliciously savage.

4. I mean...

5. ...oof!

6. Drag themmmm.

7. I'm not laughing...

8.'re laughing.

9. I see what you did there.

10. But, sometimes Wendy's does more than just roast people.

11. Like, remember that time they got in a quasi-rap battle with Wingstop?

12. Or, that time they were an amateur film critic?

(A job they took very seriously, btw.)

13. Or, that time they played love doctor, and got (brutally) honest?

14. And, of course, who could forget the movement that was #NuggsForCarter?

Congrats @carterjwm! Your call for a year supply of nuggets from @Wendys has officially become the most Retweeted T…

Keep doing you, Wendy's.

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