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    Updated on Feb 19, 2019. Posted on Feb 19, 2019

    The Jonas Brothers Miiiiiiiiiiiight Be Reuniting And People Are All In Their Feelings

    "I will sell my soul to get tickets to a Jonas Brothers reunion tour..... done deal."

    EHS-OH-FREAKING-EHS. We must truly be living in the year 3000 because there's a ~rumor~ that THE Jonas Brothers are reuniting. For music reasons!

    According to US Weekly, the bros "are planning an epic reunion," apparently even rebranding to be called JONAS.

    Now for what everyone wants to know, is it true???????

    joe, nick, and kevin logging on twitter and seeing rumors about a jonas brothers reunion

    Welllllllll, neither Nick, Kevin, or Joe have said anything official. But! Nick has liked a handful of reunion-themed tweets.

    (He even liked this tweet about his liking tweets, LOL!)

    I guess that's all the proof people needed because the internet is freaking out:

    All of us hearing the rumour that the Jonas Brothers are reuniting...

    My friends are out there having babies and getting married and I’m reacting like this to the Jonas Brothers reunion (with no shame)

    the jonas brothers arriving to 2019 and getting ready to rule the boyband game next to bts

    Me if the Jonas Brothers really come back

    They're ready to party like it's 2007.

    OG Jonas Brothers Fans showing up for the reunion.

    If the Jonas Brothers reunion is true I feel bad for everyone who I hang out with. Pulling out my red dress, annoyance, and J14 magazines. The obsession is back in business.

    *Jonas Brothers possibly making a come back* Me:

    jonas brothers: we might have a reunion- me: nOW IM SpEeChLESS ovER thE edGE, iM jUSt bReATHLeSS-

    Take all my money.

    me making plans and booking flights for the jonas brothers reunion

    me booking flights from europe to the usa for the jonas brothers reunion with 0.98$ on my bank account

    I will sell my soul to get tickets to a jonas brothers reunion tour..... done deal


    these Jonas Brothers reunion rumors better not be false

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