Jeff Goldblum Talked About His Viral Reaction To That "Spider-Man" MCU News


    Back in August, it was announced that Spider-Man was leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Don't worry, it's back!

    But, at the time, it was a huge deal and when Jeff Goldblum (who plays the Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok) was asked about it, his reaction went viral:

    Jeff Goldblum weighs in on the potential #Spiderman #Marvel split at #D23Expo

    Seriously, it became a meme.

    *jeff goldblum knowing nothing about the spiderman sksksksituation*

    Me finding out that my rich husband has died of mysterious circumstances

    my family when i ask them if they ate my leftovers that were in the fridge

    In a new BuzzFeed puppy interview, Jeff admitted he was shocked the moment blew up.

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    He said, "Once again I haven't been following it so much, I know I should but if it sounds — if everything worked out, well it's as I said in that video, I had faith in, you know, all the players involved."

    "They're adults and professionals, and I imagine everybody wants is for the greater good for the entire community and that must include a successful marriage and new Spider-Man stories so bravo, and I'm very happy."

    We're happy, too! For more of Jeff, be sure to watch the rest of his puppy interview and check out The World According To Jeff Goldblum on Disney+!