Jane Fonda And Ted Danson Got Arrested For Protesting, And I Need The Photos Framed And Hung Above My Fireplace

    "9 to 5, but it’s just Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton getting arrested on a Friday with Jane Fonda."

    Over the past three weeks, Jane Fonda has been arrested for protesting about climate change.

    Inspired by 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg, Jane moved to Washington, DC, to hold demonstrations called Fire Drill Fridays on Capitol Hill.

    A longtime activist, the 81-year-old actor is no stranger to being arrested for protesting...

    During last week's protest, Jane's Grace and Frankie costar Sam Waterston was arrested alongside her. This week it was The Good Place actor Ted Danson.

    Nothing — and I mean nothing — is standing in Jane's way as she fights for what's right. The star accepted the BAFTA Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film WHILE BEING ARRESTED.

    Folks, @Janefonda accepted the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award WHILE BEING ARRESTED. #Britannias


    Since then, people have been acknowledging Jane's LEGEND status the best way they know how — with hilarious tweets:


    if you google “0 fucks given” on google, jane fonda will appear

    John Lamparski / Getty Images


    I wanna be as happy as Jane Fonda is when she's getting arrested ♥


    9 to 5, but it’s just Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton getting arrested on a Friday with Jane Fonda.


    Jane Fonda's chain emailing old white actors like RE:RE:RE:RE:TIME TO GET ARRESTED


    if you are an actor over 70 and you haven't been arrested with jane fonda your status is slipping boo https://t.co/sBCKmZkIxg

    John Lamparski / Getty Images


    Jane Fonda bringing out a different celebrity to get arrested with every week really puts the 1989 tour to shame.


    Jane Fonda seeing the same cops every week at her climate change protests


    TIRED: Taylor Swift bringing out different celebrities on each concert of her tour. WIRED: Jane Fonda bringing different celebrities to get arrested with her every week protesting climate change. https://t.co/DrNMxyASDd

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images


    I can't even tell you how badly I want to see Jane Fonda's text history each week as she invites various leading gentlemen to come get arrested with her



    ocean’s 9 but the plot is just the ocean’s 8 ladies breaking jane fonda out of jail

    As the kids say, we have no choice but to stan.