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    Just A Bunch Of Hilarious "Incredibles 2" Spoilers With No Context


    1. Sorry, Tony.

    2. The original Underminer.

    3. RIP Mom and Dad.

    4. Better grab the Elasticycle.

    5. So, this is the source of everyone's problems.

    6. Didn't anyone ever tell you not to go snooping in other people's garbage?

    7. Nom nom, cookie.

    8. Wh — where'd ya go?

    9. Come on, she wrote her address on your locker!

    10. "We're good on water, thanks."

    11. Apparently, pronouncing decimals is harder than doing them.


    13. Now that's what I call a work mixer.

    14. Pro tip: Just because there's an eject button doesn't mean you have to use it.

    15. PIVOT! PIVOT!

    16. Dammit Dash, not yet!

    17. Well fuck, this isn't a good sign.

    18. I hope everyone learned their lesson.