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    These 17 Serial Killers Still Haven’t Been Caught And OMG I'm Crying

    Time to start sleeping with one eye open.

    1. Smiley Face Murderer

    2. The Jeff Davis 8 Killer

    3. The Eastbound Strangler

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    In 2006, the bodies of four prostitutes were found facedown in a drainage ditch behind a seedy motel on the borders of Atlantic City. The women — all of whom were mothers — were found clothed, yet barefoot, and some bodies were so badly decomposed that an official cause of death could not be determined (though it is suspected they were strangled). A $25,000 reward was offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction, but it has gone unclaimed for over 10 years.

    4. The February 9 Killer

    5. The Rainbow Maniac

    6. The Seven Bridges Killer

    7. The I-70 Killer

    8. The Redhead Murderer

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    Between 1978 and 1992, the bodies of eight, young white women were discovered in multiple Southern states. A majority of the victims had red-colored hair, were suspected hitchhikers and/or prostitutes, and were found along major highways. Five of the eight victims were strangled, some were found clothed while others were nude, and a handful had engaged in sexual activity prior to their death.

    9. The Colonial Parkway Killer

    10. The Original Night Stalker

    11. The Honolulu Strangler

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    Suspected to be Hawaii's first and only serial killer, the Honolulu Strangler took the lives of at least five women, from 1985 to 1986. The women had their hands bound behind their back before they were raped, then strangled. Many of the victims were found near bodies of water just 24 hours after they were reported missing, though some weren't discovered for a week. A man who tipped off the police to the location of the last victim was arrested as the main suspect, but had to be released due to insufficient evidence.

    12. The Doodler

    13. The Oakland County Child Killer

    14. Charlie Chop-Off

    15. The Freeway Phantom

    16. Long Island Serial Killer

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    Eight months after 24-year-old Shannan Gilbert went missing in Long Island, New York, a police officer and his dog discovered female remains wrapped in a burlap sack on Gilgo Beach. However…the remains didn’t belong to Shannan. Shannan’s body was finally discovered, along with nine other sets of remains (the earliest dating back to 1996), in early 2011. Many of the victims were escorts who had contacted clients via phone or online shortly before they went missing; the causes of death vary, and include strangulation, brutal beatings, and dismemberment.

    Also disturbing — six years after her daughter’s body was finally discovered, the mother of Shannan Gilbert, Mari Gilbert, was also murdered.

    17. The Zodiac Killer