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Ikea Just Released Adorable Instructions On How To Make A "GoT" Night's Watch Cape

Note: You'll need a pair of really excellent scissors.

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ICYMI, last week we learned that the capes worn by the Night's Watch in Game of Thrones are actually made from Ikea rugs.


The show's former costume designer, Michele Clapton, revealed the epic hack during a lecture entitled "Designing the Middle Ages: The Costumes of GoT," which she gave last year at LA's Getty Museum.

Well, after the news broke, Ikea took it upon themselves to release official instructions on how you can make your very own Night's Watch cape from their rug.

How. Freaking. Cute.

The three-step instructions — which really just tell you to cut a hole in the center and then wear it around your neck — suggest using the dark brown, sheepskin SKOLD rug, which is available in Australia and other countries, but unfortunately, not America.

The white, sheepskin RENS is a great alternative for those in the States, and you could always dye it a darker color should you choose. (Or you could just pretend that the whole thing got covered in snow while you were protecting The Wall. Your choice).