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    Hilary Duff Revealed What It Was Really Like Becoming A Mom At 24

    "It was a little isolating in the beginning because I didn’t have any friends that had babies yet."

    Hilary Duff. You probably know her as an actor and singer (justice for Sparks), but she's also the proud mother of two!

    The 31-year-old shares her 8-month-old daughter, Banks, with her fiancé Matthew Koma, as well as 7-year-old son, Luca, with ex-husband Mike Comrie.

    In a new interview on the Motherly podcast, the Younger star opened up about all things motherhood, including what it was like to have her first child at 24.

    She said, "It was a little isolating in the beginning because I didn’t have any friends that had babies yet. But I had been working for such a long time that it felt like a natural step for me."

    "I always knew I wanted to be a mom and I always knew that was going to be my number one priority in life. So, I felt ready on some fronts and a little scared on others."

    She continued, "I did feel like after I had him, I lost a big chunk of my identity for, like, maybe the first year and a half, but I don’t think that was a negative thing.”

    "I knew it was the most important, biggest job in the world, but you know, it looks very different once you’re just in the household with the baby by yourself all the time. It was shocking, and it was also the happiest, most beautiful experience, so those two things butting up against each other is quite a strange mix sometimes."

    Hilary also opened up about why she shares her journey on social media, despite occasional criticisms.

    She explained, "I think that I want to be part of the conversation, and not for my platform and not for — and I hate this word — my fame or status, but I want to be a part of the motherhood, you know? I want to share my stories and I want to hear what people have to say. I want a part of that team."

    "And so, I think I selfishly do it to get people reaching out and talking to me, 'cause we're in the same struggle or whatever it might be that we're going through. So, I like sharing, I like being candid, I love posting photos, I swear to God all I want to do is post photos of my kids..."

    Yes to cute photos and making mothers feel seen!

    For more on Hilary's thoughts on motherhood, check out her full interview on the Motherly podcast.