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    Kim Kardashian Has No Problem With Kylie Being Referred To As A "Self-Made Billionaire"

    "We are all self-made."

    Earlier this week, Kylie Jenner graced the cover of Forbes for their "America's Women Billionaires" issue, as the "youngest-ever self-made billionaire."

    Obviously, this is one hell of an accomplishment. But, a lot of people disagreed with the magazine calling her self-made, being that she comes from fame and fortune.

    erm. being born into extreme wealth & instant fame is the exact opposite of “self made”

    Even the actual dictionary threw some shade.

    Self-made means having succeeded in life unaided. Used in a sentence: Forbes says that Kylie Jenner is a self-made woman.

    Coming to Kylie's defense, Kim Kardashian tweeted nothing but love, support, and congratulations for her sister's achievements.

    Wait I’m posting this again just because!!!! BILLION DOLLAR BABY 🔥🔥🔥🔥🌊🌊🌊🌊💥💥💥💥🤑🤑🤑🤑

    Well, in a new interview with Refinery 29, Kim addressed the backlash saying, "I really didn’t get it, because she is self-made — we are all self-made. What, because we came from a family that has had success?"

    "To me, that doesn’t really make sense... I know so many people like that [who] haven’t turned out to be as successful as Kylie. If anything, I've seen the complete opposite."

    "Me, Kylie, not one [of her siblings] has ever depended on our parents for anything besides advice. That’s how I lived my life with my dad. He never gave me anything."

    "We might have the opportunity, but I’ve seen it go the complete opposite way. Nobody works harder than my sisters and my mom."

    Self-made or not, one thing's for sure: These sisters have each other's backs.