Here Are All The Cameos You Might Have Missed In "Deadpool 2"

    There's a ~big~ one I bet you missed.

    If you haven't seen Deadpool 2 yet, there are SPOILERS AHEAD! *Singing in Jojo's voice* GET OUT, LEAVE! RIGHT NOW!

    Okay, great! Let's talk about some cameos!

    (FWIW, here's the rest of the cast!)

    1. Matt Damon and Alan Tudyk as Rednecks #1 and #2

    2. Brad Pitt as Vanisher

    3. Ryan Reynolds as Juggernaut

    4. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

    5. A bunch of people as the X-Men

    Did you notice all of these cameos? Did you spot one I missed? Tell me in the comments!