Halsey Protested In Los Angeles Yesterday And Has A Message For Fans Who Asked For Selfies

    "This is not a meet and greet."

    Yesterday, thousands of people took to the streets of Los Angeles to protest the death of George Floyd.

    Numerous celebs went out to show their support, including Halsey.

    The 25-year-old was on the front lines in LA's Fairfax Distract for multiple hours, along with rapper Yungblud.

    Apparently, some fans spotted the singer out yesterday and thought it was an appropriate time to ask for selfies, which Halsey quickly called them out for on Twitter.

    don’t even ask me, I won’t say yes. that’s not what this is about.

    People were quick to agree that protests aren't a "meet and greet."

    @halsey Please do not go to this protest purely to meet celebrities. This is NOT a meet and greet

    if you see a celeb at a protest don't take pics of them. treat them as any other activist. their identities deserve to remain anonymous, out of photos, etc. please be respectful!!!! THIS IS NOT A MEET & GREET!!!!

    @halsey if i see anyone taking photos of h/trying to get her to meet yall i wont hesitate to call you out. don't go to a protest to try and meet your faves when someone was just murdered.

    @halsey do NOT take pictures of halsey or anyone. do NOT ask halsey for pictures or autographs. halsey is there to protest for what’s right so please respect that and if you’re only going to meet her or any celebrity for that matter and not to protest, then just don’t bother going.

    Some suggested that Halsey and other celebs — many of whom have been wearing face coverings in light of COVID — disguise themselves to avoid overzealous fans...

    @halsey cover your face, your tattoos, hair, hands. COVER EVERYTHING. wear clothing with no logos or anything that can be a sign of recognition. please everyone, stay safe!

    ...but others pointed out that doing so may counter the impact of celebs using their platform.

    @katesinterlude @halsey I think it's important that she DOES show her face. Shes there because this is what she believes in. Shes lending her platform and influence. It's important that she lends her voice as a celebrity but dont ask her for pictures and make the story about her.

    Many also noted that any photos of protesters — celebs or otherwise — could potentially cause harm.

    Photographer friends: if you’re documenting protests, please for the love of god don’t be fucking stupid. Do not post photos of people’s faces or of anything incriminating with identifiable people in them. And if you’re only going to take photos, stay home.

    Later, Halsey went on to call out media that wrote about celebrities in a way that was off-message, or as she said, "what people are wearing at the protests."

    also, let’s be clear, this refers to media about celebrities that focuses on “what people are wearing to the protests” and other gossip. if the media about celebrities in question is about Jeffrey Epstein& co then hell yeah don’t ignore that shit. https://t.co/mPqBRCe7e6

    Though some celebrities may be willing to take photos at protests (which is very nice of them), now is not the time.