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    Gwyneth Paltrow Called "Shallow Hal" A "Disaster" And Fans Are Upset

    FWIW, her favorite performance was dancing on a piano at the Grammys with CeeLo Green.

    A few days ago, Gwyneth Paltrow took Netflix's "BFF Test" in promotion of her show The Goop Lab.

    How well does @GwynethPaltrow's best friend & right-hand man @goop actually know her?

    During the segment, Gwyneth asked her best friend and business partner Kevin Keating what he thinks her least favorite role is from her over-30-year career.


    His answer? 2001's Shallow Hal.

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    For those unfamiliar with the film, the movie follows Jack Black as Hal, a shallow guy who's fixated on women's "outer beauty," ignoring everything else. He's later hypnotized into being able to see only women's "inner beauty." He falls in love with Rosemary (Gwyneth Paltrow), an obese woman whom he sees as slender.

    "Mm-hmm. Exactly," Gwyneth confirms. "That was before your time. See what happened? Disaster."

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    "I'm not sure who told you to do that one, but it wasn't me. I wasn't there working for you. Not at that time," Kevin added.

    This isn't the first time the 47-year-old has discussed the role. In 2001, when the film first came out, she told W magazine, “The first day I tried [the fat suit] on, I was in the Tribeca Grand and I walked through the lobby. It was so sad; it was so disturbing. No one would make eye contact with me because I was obese."

    20thcentfox / © 20thCentFox / Courtesy of Everett Collection

    "I was wearing this black shirt with big snowmen on it," she continued. "For some reason, the clothes they make for women [who] are overweight are horrible. I felt humiliated because people were really dismissive.”

    20thcentfox / © 20thCentFox / Courtesy of Everett Collection

    The film has been heavily criticized since its release nearly 20 years ago, with many calling it "offensive" and "fatphobic."

    Shallow Hal is one of the most offensive movies ever made ever

    @shanedawson The issue is that shallow Hal was super fatphobic. A lot of my fat clients talk about shallow hal as being one of those movies that taught them to hate their bodies. It makes me really sad

    Shallow Hal just might be the most offensive movie I've ever seen on so many levels.

    Remember how Shallow Hal was fatphobic af and people still think it was a good movie.....

    However, there are many others who think the movie is funny and has a great message.

    She’s bugging lol. Shallow Hal is good and she’s great in it!!

    Shallow Hal has such as good message and is one of the most memorable movies she has done. Gwyneth you’re breaking my heart! 😭💔 justice for #shallowHal!

    Shallow Hal had a great message. Looks don't matter but what it's what lies beneath that counts. As someone who has struggled on and off with weight issues it always resonated with me. I'm disappointed that Gwenyth Paltrow feels this way. #ShallowHal

    Shallow Hal had a great message and was funny. Maybe she didn't learn anything from that whole experience and that's sad

    Shallow Hal is a movie with a message. Accepting people for who they are. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. And Gwyneth Paltrow regrets that role?

    Do you like Shallow Hal? What's your favorite Gwyneth Paltrow movie? Tell us in the comments!

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