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    The Creators Of "Game Of Thrones" Said They Hid The Show's Ending In This New Playlist And WHAT????

    And no, it's not just the theme song over and over again.

    The premiere of the 8th and final season of Game of Thrones is THIS FREAKING SUNDAY, aka just a few days away!!!


    In honor of the series coming to an end, GoT creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss collaborated with Spotify to bring fans a new playlist — “Game of Thrones: The End Is Coming” (formerly named “Songs of Ice and Fire”) — that encapsulates the essence of the show and its final season.

    “We were looking for songs that made us feel the way the show made us feel,” Benioff and Weiss told For the Record, Spotify’s blog.


    “The answer to the ending is one hundred percent hidden in the playlist choices,” Benioff and Weiss told For the Record in an email. “No one will believe us, but it’s true.”

    In addition to “Game of Thrones: The End Is Coming,” you can also stream HBO-curated playlists for each season, all of which feature the show's score created by composer Ramin Djawadi.

    There are also user-generated playlists inspired by specific characters. Tyrion Lannister has the most, followed by Hodor (LOL), Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister, and Arya Stark.

    Some of the most popular songs are "Light of the Seven," which played in Season 6, Episode 10, when Cersei blew up the Sept of Baelor...


    ..."The Winds of Winter," which played as Arya sailed to Braavos at the end of Season 4...


    ...and, of course, the show's theme song (which I can literally hear in my head while I type this).


    Do you have a favorite GoT song? Which songs and artists would you include if you were making a playlist for a specific character or house? Tell us in the comments!