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    23 "Frozen 2" Facts That Will Get You Even More Hyped For The Movie

    Easter eggs, new characters, and more!

    In September, BuzzFeed attended an early press junket for the upcoming Frozen 2. Here are all the interesting facts we learned about the film:


    1. The movie takes place three years after the original film. It will follow Elsa as she questions where she got her powers and if she's alone. She journeys through an enchanted forest to find answers.

    2. There are seven new songs, including two sung by Elsa, one by Kristoff, one by Olaf, and one sung together by the main cast.


    3. There are at least 11 new characters: Elsa and Anna's parents, Lt. Destin Mattias, a family of three that lives in the Enchanted Forest, three elemental creatures, a salamander, and a mystery girl!

    4. The film's directors and producers went on a research trip to Norway, Finland, and Iceland to get inspiration for the movie.

    5. Speaking of, Anna's character is heavily influenced by Norwegian culture, while Elsa's is influenced by Icelandic culture.


    6. The original Snow Queen, which Frozen is loosely based on, also features an enchanted forest.

    7. The creators chose a fall palette to represent both how the characters have matured, as well as the year.


    8. The idea for Lt. Mattias came up while the directors and producer went into a volcano in Iceland.

    9. Sterling K. Brown, who voices Lt. Mattias, helped develop the character. Director Jennifer Lee said, "Working with Sterling was wonderful because when we met with him...he would improv in the room and he would give us advice on things he was thinking about, and he was just fantastic to work with."

    10. Olaf, who is three years old, is occupied with learning how to read during this movie.


    11. Lee actually voiced Elsa and Anna's mom in the first film. In the sequel, Queen Iduna is voiced by Evan Rachel Wood.

    12. There are still Easter eggs from the first film that fans haven't discovered yet.

    13. There are a many Easter eggs to keep an eye out for in the sequel, including the appearance of a few Disney characters.

    14. There is also an item to look out for in the bedroom during the lullaby sequence in the movie.


    15. The water spirit Nokk is based on a true mythological creature that would test people by letting them ride on their back; they would fall off and drown if they weren't worthy.

    16. Animators visited an equestrian center and spoke to a trainer about horses and their movements to create an accurate portrayal of Nokk.


    17. The visual development artists considered 122 choices for Anna's wardrobe, which were originally designed for Elsa.

    18. Stylistically, Anna's look was somewhat inspired by Sleeping Beauty.

    19. This is the first film where both sisters wear pants. "We knew how much activity they'd be going through...[we wanted to be] sure that they can do what they need to do," said Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay, one of the film's visual development artists.

    20. The Arendelle emblem is featured in Anna's wardrobe.

    21. Designers modified 19th century Norwegian style for Anna's wardrobe, even creating looks made of materials that would've been used during the time.

    22. They had to redesign Elsa's feet, since she's barefoot during the film. "The way that we build characters, we build them with the knowledge of whether or not we're going to see parts of their bodies, so she needed to have some work done...those feet were built for shoes."


    23. Finally, the creators "didn't lean into a romance [for Elsa] because it didn't line up with the high stakes of what she was doing in the film."