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    This "Stranger Things 3" Playlist Is So Good, I've Been Listening On Repeat

    If you skip the theme song, you're a fake fan!

    Any fan of Stranger Things will readily admit how good the show's music is, from the theme song...

    Netflix the '70s and '80s hits featured in every episode.


    Remember when Jonathan taught Will about the Clash back in Season 1? Ah, simpler times. (“Should I Stay or I Should I Go” is actually the most-streamed song tied to Stranger Things.)

    In an exclusive interview with Spotify's For the Record, Finn Wolfhard talked about the show's soundtrack, as well as his own personal music interests.

    Rachel Murray / Getty Images

    (Since the series launched, listeners have spent more than 17 million hours streaming music related to the show on Spotify, as well as spent 4.6 thousand hours listening to Stranger Things-themed podcasts. AKA, the show is popular as hell.)

    He said, "My parents introduced me to a lot of different types of music, including music from the '80s, and especially New Wave stuff. I think the show has made me love it even more, and the ST3 soundtrack, supervised by Nora Felder, is incredible."


    He added, "For the last couple of years, I have definitely been more indie rock driven." ICYMI, Finn is the lead singer and guitarist in a rock band called Calpurnia!

    He also talked about his music-listening habits, saying, "I have a set routine that involves listening to particular songs on my way to set, and then again when I've finished work and am driving home."


    "I usually wear headphones, so this really sucks for my parents, who have to drive their silent boy home. But they get that I need this as part of my process."

    As for his character's taste, he said, "I don’t think Mike listens to much music...I just don’t see [him] ever being in a band, but he might play around with a synth to provide soundtrack music for home movies."


    TBH, Mike's too busy traveling to other dimensions and fighting monsters to listen to music. But, that doesn't mean that you can't listen to some cool tunes yourself! Check out Spotify's official Stranger Things playlist below!

    Me, listening to this playlist on repeat to get psyched for Season 3:


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