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26 Latino TV Characters Who Made People Feel Seen

"It’s amazing to have a Latina lead in a primetime comedy show who is not defined by the Latina stereotypes Hollywood loves to feed."

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we asked the members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which Latino TV characters they're obsessed with. Here are some of the best responses:

1. Amy Sosa, Superstore


"She always tries to do what’s best for the sake of her team and fights back against racist stereotypes and unjust working conditions. Plus, she’s hilarious and often the voice of reason in her workplace." — jackie811

2. Gordie, The Society


"He is a very sweet and kind-hearted person. He loved Cassandra, supports his friends no matter what, and is so protective toward people he cares about." — tanyam44ab2253d

3. Oscar Martinez, The Office

Fox / David Moir/ USA Network

"He's intelligent, funny, and Mexican-American! There are so few Mexicans on TV." — davidt32

4. Carla Espinosa, Scrubs


"She is a badass woman who is proud of her culture!" — hannalynnec

5. Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista, Pose


"She is so strong and caring. She continues to give and make connections, despite facing a world that's against her and battling a constant internal attack from the HIV/AIDS virus." — smoothantha

6. Santana Lopez, Glee


"She is the queen bitch and the best character on Glee. Her character development was the best of the series, and her coming out storyline and relationship with Brittany are nothing less than perfect. She is a badass who tells it like it is and never apologizes for who she is." — kayoma18

7. Maritza Ramos, Orange Is the New Black


"Maritza’s storyline on the last season of OITNB absolutely broke me. It was written and portrayed so respectfully and beautifully. It's totally relevant to today, which made it so much more powerful." — sp87

8. Elena Alvarez, One Day at a Time


"She made me realize and accept that it is okay to be gay and Latina all at once, and have a Christian family. She also does a lot of activist work. She’s so accomplished and is barely 21." — melodyisajoke

9. Rafael Barba, Law & Order: SVU

Nbc / Michael Parmelee / NBC

"Although I am extremely sad that he is no longer on the show, he made the newer seasons worth watching. Not only was he an amazing ADA with the snazziest suits and supreme sass, he also grew to be so much more empathetic for victims of sex crimes as his time on the show went on. He was also not shy about coming from a family of Cuban immigrants, growing up in a poorer neighborhood in the Bronx, and going to Harvard on a scholarship." — Annie Burke

10. Blanca Flores and Gloria Mendoza, Orange Is the New Black


"They're such strong women in different environments, and they each hold on to their beliefs. They never forget where they come from, and no one will ever make them question who they are." — sarahkata

11. Rosa Díaz, Brooklyn Nine-Nine


"A badass, bisexual Latina who is amazing at her job and respected by her peers (especially her male ones) is all I want to be in life." — l4f4451db7

12. Emma Hernandez, Vida


"Her character is so badass. She’s strong and smart, she never gives a shit about what people think of her, and she throws those negative stereotypes of Latin women right out the window. Plus, she owns her queerness even when people around her want to judge her for it. The episode where she was at a gay wedding and ripped apart someone’s views about how a queer person should identify was everything. Mishel Prada is truly the only person who could play this role." — faceghostta

13. Callie Torres, Grey's Anatomy


"She's just an all-around badass, loving wife, friend, and mother. She survived a car crash, lost her best friend to a plane crash, and went through a divorce and one hell of a custody battle, and she still stayed strong! Plus, Sara Ramirez’s singing voice?!" — chanl

14. Amy Santiago, Brooklyn Nine-Nine


"It’s amazing to have a Latina lead in a primetime comedy show who is not defined by the Latina stereotypes Hollywood loves to feed." — miscblogger92

15. Penelope Alvarez, One Day at a Time

Ali Goldstein / Ali Goldstein/Netflix

"She's a single mom, army veteran, and proud Cuban. Seeing Penelope interact with her family on the show made me want to become the kind of mom that isn’t often portrayed in Latino culture, meaning one who is vocal about complex issues like mental illness, drug use, sexuality, racism, and more. Even though the world is changing and she’s adapting, she still tries to instill her Cuban roots in her kids." — jackie811

16. Jane Villanueva, Jane the Virgin

The CW

"Jane helped me feel seen as a Mexican-American who does not fit the stereotype. I am a hopeless romantic and I will work damn hard to get what I want. Growing up, I never felt represented in the media, so being able to see someone so similar to the way I perceive myself felt great." — sarahh40178027c

17. Ricky Ricardo, I Love Lucy


"He went from being the club’s talent, to its manager, to finally being part owner. He worked so hard doing what he loved, and all while being a great husband and father. For being an old show, it was ahead of his time by showing a positive Latino father figure in a time when segregation was still legal. Plus, he was half of a biracial couple on national television. He paved the way for many." — kikis2

18. Cisco Ramon, The Flash

The CW

"His character makes me proud to be Latina and nerdy!" — angelag416f9508a

19. April Ludgate, Parks and Recreation


"She's hilarious, deadpan, and Puerto Rican. It was great seeing a character so different than any stereotype!" — becksofbrit

20. Spooky, On My Block


"Even though he is in a gang and all, he shows a side of himself that makes him relatable. He loves and cares for his brother, and he put aside his own goals to raise and protect him. Plus he is cute!" — aracelyg2

21. Ana Sophia Calderon, Telenovela


"It made me feel seen because Ana was a non-Spanish-speaking Latina who still acted in a telenovela for Telemundo. As a non-Spanish-speaking Latina myself, I completely understood how she felt about learning/not learning Spanish just to make others happy." — amv1289

22. Scott McCall, Teen Wolf


"He was the first Latino male character that I had seen who was not a gang member or bad person. He means so much to me!" — briannag4e8e539c6

23. Maria and Luis, Sesame Street

Everett Collection

"I learned a few Spanish words because of them and can still picture Luis putting the 'Exit/Salida' signs on the wall to leave the room." — vasato

24. Yolanda "Yoli" Renna, Grand Hotel


"She is so down-to-earth, and her queer story line is so heart-wrenching. Plus, her one-liners and eye rolls are everything!" — gecr-rceg

25. Diego Hargreeves, The Umbrella Academy


"He's got a tough exterior but is soft as a bunny on the inside. His scenes with his mom always tug at my heartstrings." — bananababydoll

26. Rogelio De La Vega, Jane the Virgin

Scott Everett White / The CW

"He is hilarious and reminds me of my dad, who is Mexican. His character shows the ways Latinos work to fit into American culture, while also maintaining their own." — ashleys4670da44a

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