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Some "GoT" Fans Didn't Know That Emilia Clarke Wore A Wig As Daenerys And I'm Honestly Confused

"'s important not to compare yourself. Because it's entirely make-believe."

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Actress Emilia Clarke is undoubtedly most famous for her role as Game of Thrones' Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, Soon-to-Be Bae of Jon Snow. (I added that last part, but whatever, it's happening.)


She was also in that movie Me Before You, but I've blocked it from my memory because it makes me emotional.

Anyway, fans have grown accustomed to seeing her with long, flowing blonde locks, but — according to Emilia — they didn't know that it was a wig? (Hate to break it to you guys, but dragons don't exist either.)

She recently told InStyle magazine: "I feel bad when I meet people and they realize I'm Khaleesi, and they get disappointed because we look nothing alike. I'm like, 'Sorry, that ain't really me! It's a wig.' No human is that beautiful."

Instagram: @instylemagazine

She continued, "Young people get this warped view of what beauty is because of the time, money, and effort that go into productions to make people look great. Yes, we need to watch these stories and be inspired, but it's important not to compare yourself. Because it's entirely make-believe."

Dany — I mean, Emilia — also knows how damaging social media can be for one's self image.

Instagram: @emilia_clarke

She told the magazine:

These stupid apps that make you look thinner and airbrushed — why make it harder for everyone? There's no caption that says, "FYI, I'm sucking in my tummy, and this is my 17th version of this picture." We've all done it, but I think we should shine more brightness on brains and character.

And she truly is a Khaleesi for the people, because she's struggled with confidence just like the rest of us:

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

"I really struggled with my confidence growing up. I thought I was too fat. I thought I was ugly. I called myself the Cabbage Patch Kid. If a boy talked to me, I'd be shocked. But then there's a special moment that happens as a young adult when you start to find out who you are, what you like, how you take your coffee, the people who make you feel good and who you should be around. You begin to see beyond what your face or body looks like."

Honestly, at the end of the day, "when you're happy, that's beauty."


"The ability to have a giggle and not take yourself too seriously. Being able to look in the mirror and be cool with who's looking back at you. Trying to be as genuine as you possibly can, including with what you put on your face."

Thanks for all of your wise words, Emilia!

(Now, please go sleep with your nephew, form an alliance, and take the throne.)