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    Dwyane Wade Changed Up His Look And Twitter Got Brutal

    "I thought D. Wade was the new and improved Gucci Mane for a minute."

    Last night, Dwyane Wade sported a new look at game four of the NBA Finals — including dyed blonde hair, a green jumpsuit, and sunglasses — and people found it hilarious.

    Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

    What was Dwyane Wade wearing last night? I tell ya... #fail

    Some compared him to solo musicians.

    I thought D. Wade was the new and improved Gucci Mane for a minute.

    Wade at the game looking like an underrated reggae artist who had 1 song on MTV Jam Of The Week in '02

    While others thought that his new look would work well in a group.

    Dwayne Wade at tonight's game looking like he should be a member of Migos

    Dwayne Wade looks like the 5th member of the Cheetah Girls. #NBAFinals

    We could imagine that.

    The movie references quickly followed:

    D.Wade out there looking like Gee-Money Wells.

    D Wade was looking like he was in the deleted scenes of Paid In Full 😂🤣

    I mean, this is uncanny.

    Family members came into play.

    As did ex-girlfriends...

    ...Criminal masterminds...

    Also why was Dwayne Wade dressed like an 80's Mob boss from Miami? #NBAPlayoffs

    Even video games.

    when u unlock all the outfits in GTA

    Twitter: @desusnice

    And while Wade was a good sport about all the roasting...

    ...It'd probably be a good idea to retire this look.

    Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

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