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    I Thought This Was A Picture of Cole Sprouse And I Can't Unsee It

    The Sprouse triplets.

    Earlier this morning, I came across this photo of Robin Roberts and Cole Sprouse and didn't think anything of it.

    But then I swiped to the next pic and thought, "Wait a second...Cole Sprouse isn't in Star Wars...that's weird..."

    Which means that it was a photo of Daisy Ridley with Robin Roberts, not Cole Sprouse!

    In my defense, this was a pretty reasonable mistake. I mean, they look SO similar.


    I MEAN!!!!!

    Let's look at those side profiles.

    Even though my brain fully exploded when I noticed this fact, people have been saying this for years.

    I *know* this is Daisy Ridley but don’t tell me it isn’t also Cole or Dylan Sprouse in a wig

    IFC Films

    *pops out of manhole in the ground* so I just realized Cole Sprouse looks like Daisy Ridley

    Robert Duetsch / USA Today / Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images

    someone said daisy ridley looks like cole sprouse and now i can't unsee it

    i know this is daisy ridley but you’re telling me this ISN’T @colesprouse ?

    i don’t care what anyone tells me, cole sprouse and daisy ridley are the same person

    The CW / Disney

    daisy ridley looks like cole sprouse's identical twin sister and you can't tell me she doesn't

    What do you think? Do they look alike or are we all bananas? Tell us in the comments!