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    19 Tweets About Snacking During Quarantine That Are Extremely Relatable

    I will not eat my snacks, I will not eat my snacks, I will not eat my snacks, I will not eat m—

    With lots of people self-quarantining in their homes to prevent the spread of COVID-19, people have found themselves snacking more than usual and their tweets about it are hilarious:


    Quarantine Meal Schedule 7am Breakfast 7:15 Dessert Breakfast 8:30 Panic Snack w/ news 9:45 Chocolate 11:30 Snack while standing up staring 12:30 Lunch w/ small dessert 2:00 Post nap luncheon 4:30 Trail mix 6:00 dinner w/ weird vibes 10:00 Ice cream


    me eating all of my quarantine groceries in the first night


    I already ate all my quarantine snacks


    Me as I’m looking around the kitchen deciding which quarantine snack I’m gonna devour next


    When I find who’s been eating all my quarantine snacks


    Are we still categorizing meal times moving forward? Like is lunchtime still lunchtime or is everything just airport rules now?


    Day 1 of Quarantine: "I got plenty of food to last me 2 weeks" Day 2:


    Me TRYING not to eat all my quarantine snacks on the first day..😋😜🥕 📽Pinterest..


    Me ratioining my snacks to last throughout quarantine...


    Me after eating my 15 days quarantine food/snacks in 13 hours


    day three of quarantine: Gushers sandwich with Fruit by the Foot as bread


    Day 1 of quarantine: I'm going to do yoga in the living room and eat healthy and work on strength training Day 6 of quarantine: if you cut a donut in half you can use it as sandwich bread


    We’re ten days in and it appears the theme of our quarantine is bread.


    quarantine day 16: ran out of bread eating my pb&j straight out the bowl


    Captain's Log, Day 1 of Quarantine - it's only been a few hours and I have already eaten 5 boxes of Ritz crackers. My supplies won't last much longer.


    Day 1 of quarantine and Matilda had already eaten all the snacks.


    Me telling myself not to eat the last of my quarantine snacks


    me right now because i decided to eat all my snacks during the first day of quarantine


    Me opening the fridge to see which quarantine snack I want to eat next 5min after eating

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