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Cole Sprouse Has Seen The "Riverdale" I'm A Weirdo Meme And Admits That Jughead Can Be A "Cringe-Boy"

Jughead's go-to milkshake flavor is coffee, btw.

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Season 1 has been described to us by the creative team as very much an "origin story" for all the citizens of Riverdale. Jughead's objection with interfering as part of Season 1 is the thing that will change the most. His fear of interaction is now something he has to face firsthand, and with it, his eventual understanding that his actions will always piss one person off. His "don't-care attitude," which we get more of in Season 2, is very "digest Jughead."

2. On being cast as Jughead and pleasing comic book fans...

I was thrilled, for many reasons. Mainly because I knew I could try and do the character justice. We all assume we're going to get hate — hate is not unique to comic casting. Just have to take it with a grain of salt, and if you're the competitive type, prove 'em wrong. I would have been much more upset if the show didn't resonate with the comic crowd, after we had all put so much love into it. And so, I feel tremendously gracious for that.


Jughead has been dealt a pretty bad hand. He's trying to make his own path and it's not being accepted. He has to acclimate, even temporarily, to pursue the questions he needs to answer. He burns with a desire to help his father, currently his only real family member, and will stop at very little to do so.

4. On other characters doing the narration...

I don't think so, no. We have a couple episodes in which other characters take the wheel for a period. [Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa] has mentioned in passing that Jughead wasn't going to originally have such a presence in the show, and I believe narration was the perfect avenue to keep him involved without being so present.


I think the parent's are supposed to be viewed as a reflection of their children's possible futures. We see the younger cast follow in very much the same unavoidable footsteps, and that navigation is either helped or hindered based on the family's ability to communicate with each other.

~You do.~~Maybe.~~Maybe it's this very episode we're filming now.~


8. On being hesitant about the show's direction...

Truth is, we were all a bit hesitant about the setting of the show. Upon first glance, an abstract like "a dark and gritty take on the Archie Comics," is a fanboy like myself's worst nightmare. It was only after I had read the horror storylines that [Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa] and the other writers had produced, along with hearing the Twin Peaks outline for the show, that I knew it would be something fun. The content was good and self-aware. We all give a lot of ourselves into making sure the characters are faithful, even in this new setting.

9. On his transition back to acting...

I think many young celebrities from my upbringing face a similar dilemma: Acting was, for a long time, a means to keep my family alive financially. And being that I was put into it before I made a conscious decision to pursue it out of passion, the only definition I had for the art form was a business/survival definition. It affected every aspect of my involvement: my ability to improve talent-wise, my care, my choosing projects, etc., that until I took a large break for re-definition of that art form, I couldn't possibly return. Now, it's much more enjoyable, and Riverdale is so much fun to be a part of. Now, it's passion.

10. On that "I'm a weirdo" meme...

I was that kid when I was 16, so truthfully, it made sense (in the most haunting way). I think this show plays with classic stereotypes well, and Jughead definitely has his cringe-boy moments. Juggy deserves the flack. Glad that scene resonated with the audience the same way it resonated with me as the actor reading those lines.


11. On filming in Canada...

Vancouver allows us to feel quite isolated from the rest of the entertainment industry. [It] really helps with focusing on being present on set. Sounds silly, but that's my favorite part. Vancouver is also naturally beautiful, and in the summer is truly an edenic paradise.

New cast members are great. Riverdale is a pretty welcoming cast and crew, and I know first hand that coming into an already established professional machine can be intimidating. Everyone seems to be finding the rhythm...Reggie finds a much more comic-faithful take in Season 2 that is already a lot of fun.

13. On pursuing more adult roles...

Surely, but those spots are earned through hard work and dedication, so if the opportunity arises I'll definitely compete. There's a myth in acting that we get to curate the careers we want with an exactitude, that's never been my experience. Actors are often subject to many different factors that inevitably affect career. Even when they assume a role, they still work within a set of rules and outlines. I will strive for a certain career, and as long as I do so with tact, talent, and understanding, the career will advance positively. In the meantime I have an obligation to put all my passion into this show.


Jughead is the moral center of the town; he takes a strong neutral/good stance, and is now described as the soul of Riverdale. He favors and admires anyone who has a history of making the right decisions in compromising scenarios, and favors his childhood friends. He admires Betty, he admires his father tremendously, and he admires good. I view Jughead's admirations and narrative arc as a reflection of the enlightenment or decay of not just Jughead, but of the soul of town as a whole.

15. On if we'll ever meet Jughead's foster family...

This storyline is a petri dish for strangeness. My understanding is that Roberto [Aguirre-Sacasa, the show's creator] is saving it for something you guys will like quite a bit. I haven't read anything yet.

16. And finally, on if he misses working with his brother Dylan...

Naw I dont miss that guy, he sucks.